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Sa Kitchen

Submitted by on August 31, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Hope you enjoyed my other post.  This is another true story which happened in 2009.  My girlfriend at the time was Jen, she 23 at the time.  She was studying in a law school.  She is your typical girl, outgoing, smart, funny and loves adventure.  She was staying with her widowed aunt.

On Sunday's her aunt would be out the whole afternoon as she is a Bingo regular at the casino.  Their household help also has their day-off so we would have all the time to do our stuff at her aunts house.

One lazy Sunday afternoon, we planned to watch movies.  Her aunt doesn't know of our relationship so I have to sneak into the house when she is away already.  I was outside her waiting for her aunt's car to pass so when it does, she was at the gate waiting for me.  She was wearing a shorts, and a black sphagetti strap tops.  She was not wearing any bra anymore.  She was teasing me all the way as she led me to the living room.  At one side of the room, there is a very big mirror that the whole part of the house can be seen.  We were already playing when an idea came up.  I asked her if we can do it in front of the mirror and watch ourselves as we fuck our brains out.  She was so excited to do it also.  So we pulled the sofa and moved tables and some chairs to position the sofa that we would see the best view of ourselves.  Feeling so aroused thinking of it, I was having a huge hard-on.  Since I was wearing jeans, I kinda felt pain as it was being presse...