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The Essence of Nonbeing

Submitted by on December 29, 2015 (2 years ago)
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There's a version of you in my dreams,where you smile like it all seems fine.
There's an image of you in my mind,
where you don't shut down and cry all the time.

Now a version of you right in front of my eyes,
where I only see gray and lies.
A persona full of regret,
an image brought down to size.
A beautiful piece,
but all I see are the cuts on your wrist.

So please have faith,
everything will be clear.
It's not the end of the world,
So please don't fear.
I get that you're sad,
but i'm always here.
So please stop holding a knife everytime you think it's near.

You are not meant to handle things alone,
So stop acting hard,
you don't have a heart of stone.
The chances you took,
please take another look,
I was and always will be your wall.
I'll hold you close.
just give me a call.
I promise I will,
I promise.

If that puts a smile on your face, 
Please hope for better days.
I hope the weight of the world is gone with no trace.
Live it free,
please smile for me.
There's a place in this world for you and me.

I hope that's enough,
So please stop crying,
So i can sing you a song,
and I heard you laugh,
for the first time in a thousand thoughts.

I knew I made you happy,
I knew I made it stop,
I knew I made you see.
You thanked me.
You were happy,...