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Sessions with Doc Jenny: My First Exhibitionism Part II

Submitted by on November 14, 2014 (2 years ago)
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Sessions with Doc Jenny: My First Exhibitionism Part II

I stand up to go to the restroom, still stark naked.

I had forgotten all about the moving figures I saw from the building being constructed right outside our window and I only remembered when I glimpsed at the rough gray structure as I was climbing back up the bed to lay next to my boyfriend.

I laid there, my head resting on my boyfriend’s chest and the thought that we might have had an audience while we were having sex lingered on my mind. The realization also came to me that I might have just given my audience another show by walking around naked.

The irony was that it bothered me that I wasn’t all that bothered by the idea and I could perceive that there was some subconscious exhibitionist fetish that was trying to surface somewhere at the dark, murky, back of my head and I was trying hard not to acknowledge it.

I raise my head up a bit from my boyfriend’s chest so I could see his face. His eyes were closed and his breathing was no longer labored – a sign that he’s already gained back his strength from the orgasm he just had.

“May na nonood ata sa atin.” I uttered in a hushed tone; as if our audience could hear what I was saying.

“Hmmm...” he muttered back, as I seemed to have roused him from sleep.

“Let them watch, they can’t have it anyway…” he told me and then wrapped his left arm ar...

Sessions with Doc Jenny: My First Exhibitionism Part 1

Submitted by on October 4, 2014 (2 years ago)
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It’s been a very toxic month for the both of us and my then-boyfriend and I felt we deserved some pampering. That’s why we decided to treat ourselves; hati kami, I got us a room for the weekend at the EDSA Shangrila and he got us a couple’s package at the Chi Spa.

It was Friday evening when we checked-in and we’ve just finished having dinner at the Shangrila mall beside the hotel.

We rushed to the room kasi our appointment was at 9pm, which was also the last call I think. It was already 8pm and I had wanted to rest a bit before going to the massage. Ayoko naman ng sobrang busog habang minamasahe.

So when we got to the room, I just partially laid myself down on the bed such that my legs were still dangling off the sides and I just kicked off my heels. The room had warm lighting and it was so soothing that I just had to close my eyes for a bit.

I don’t know how long it was but I was woken up by light kisses on my neck and shoulders. I open my eyes and saw that it was my boyfriend, straddled on all-fours on top of me. He continued what he was doing and I close my eyes again to enjoy the touch of his lips as I held onto his back.

I then felt him lay down beside me and slowly reach in between my legs and into my skirt. I remember telling him to stop and that we didn’t have time but he was stronger than me and his touches has left me really weak and horny so I just let him have his way. He was laying on hi...

K Chronicles - Anything Goes 1

Submitted by on December 1, 2012 (4 years ago)
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K Chronicles - Anything Goes 1K Chronicles - Anything Goes

Nangyari ito ilang taon na rin ang nakakaraan nung nasa 20s pa lang ako. May fubu ako from college si Apple na talagang palaban sa sex. Kahit anong klaseng sex. kahit ang katawan niya ay palaban sa 36c na suso at pwet na laging nakaumbok kahit ano pa ang suot nya. Tuwing wala akong magawa tatawag lang ako sa kanya kung pwede kami mag hang out. Hang out ang code name namin para magkantutan.

Nung minsang tinawagan ko siya sabi niya sa na naimbitahan daw siya sa isang party na "anything goes". Nakwento na niya na may mga party na napuntahan niya kung saan di lang isa ang natikman at nakatikim sa kanya. Tinanong niya kung gusto ko ba daw samahan siya. Syempre sama ako. Bingay niya sa akin yung address at magkita na lang kami doon.

Sa Pasig yung address na bingay niya sa akin at pagdating ko doon, warehouse pala. Walang tao at may malaking maton na nakabantay sa gate. Kinakabahan ako kung tama ba itong napuntahan ko. At nasaan si Apple? nag text siya at sinabing malpit na daw siya. Sinubukan ko makipag kwentuhan dun sa maton pero walang siyang sinasabi kung ano ang meron dun sa warehouse. Buti na lang at dumating si Apple bago nakulitan sa akin yung maton. 

Simple pero sexy ang suot ni Apple... yung poloshirt na abot sa hita. Di ko alam ang tawag dun. Hapit sa katawan niya kaya umbok na umbok ang kanyang suso at pwet. ...