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One More Time: Just My Imagination

Submitted by on September 24, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Ryan groaned with pleasure when he felt Cassie’s wet and warm mouth enveloped his shaft. The sensation of that tongue swirling around the engorged head of his cock had him bucking.

He lifted his head off the pillow. Looking back at him was the most beautiful pair of almond-shape eyes the color of honey. There was a naughty glint on her eyes as she suckled his manhood like a lollipop. Okay, like a popsicle, he quickly amended when she alternately sucked and licked his hard length.

 “Cassie, baby…” he rasped. He held on to her upper arms and dragged her up until they were eye to eye.

“That was very naughty of you,” he whispered against her lips. She bit his lower lip, her eyes teasing and challenging at the same time.

 “You got a problem with that?”

 “Hell, no.” He reached for her bottom and tightly squeezed her butt cheeks, her pussy rubbing against his erection. They both groaned.

 “You feel so good, Cass.”

She nibbled on his lip; her mouth moved to his jaw down to the side of his neck. He was certain that her lovely mouth left a mark. He was hers just as she was his.

In one quick move, he rolled her over. Cassie flicked her tongue over her lips as she ran her fingertips on the muscles of his chest and abdomen going lower and lower until he felt her hands cupped his balls.

He groaned, his muscles quivered with the pleasurable sensation.

One More Time

Submitted by on September 24, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Cassie could not believe what she's seeing, or rather, who she's seeing. She felt her strength left her. If not for the wall behind her, she would've crumpled to the ground. Oh, hell, she wished the floor would crack open and swallow her.

     "Lord in heaven! You've got to be kidding me!" she screamed in her head.

     She needed to get out of here. Pronto. Not that she can walk out of a meeting. But she could sure use a bit of alone time to compose herself. She looked for the nearest exit. She inwardly groaned with dismay when she realized that the only way out of the room was also the only way in. And the bastard was standing right next to it. Jumping out of the window was, of course, not an option since they were on the 24th floor. There's abso-fuckin-lutely no way she'll splatter her brains on the sidewalk because of him.

     "Well, Cassie, brace yourself and suck it up," she told herself.

     "Cass?" her close friend and colleague, Melanie, whispered.

     "Yeah?" "Are you all right? You're muttering."

     She mustered a smile. "I'm fine. Just thinking out loud."

     "Apparently, not loud enough for everyone to hear what that pretty brain of yours was thinking of."

     Cassie stiffened at the sound of that voice. She turned her attention to him, made certain that he could see her big, fake smile.

     "That was the goal."


Sessions with Doc Jenny: My First Exhibitionism Part 1

Submitted by on October 4, 2014 (3 years ago)
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It’s been a very toxic month for the both of us and my then-boyfriend and I felt we deserved some pampering. That’s why we decided to treat ourselves; hati kami, I got us a room for the weekend at the EDSA Shangrila and he got us a couple’s package at the Chi Spa.

It was Friday evening when we checked-in and we’ve just finished having dinner at the Shangrila mall beside the hotel.

We rushed to the room kasi our appointment was at 9pm, which was also the last call I think. It was already 8pm and I had wanted to rest a bit before going to the massage. Ayoko naman ng sobrang busog habang minamasahe.

So when we got to the room, I just partially laid myself down on the bed such that my legs were still dangling off the sides and I just kicked off my heels. The room had warm lighting and it was so soothing that I just had to close my eyes for a bit.

I don’t know how long it was but I was woken up by light kisses on my neck and shoulders. I open my eyes and saw that it was my boyfriend, straddled on all-fours on top of me. He continued what he was doing and I close my eyes again to enjoy the touch of his lips as I held onto his back.

I then felt him lay down beside me and slowly reach in between my legs and into my skirt. I remember telling him to stop and that we didn’t have time but he was stronger than me and his touches has left me really weak and horny so I just let him have his way. He was laying on hi...