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This is How You Lose Her: The Breaking of Something Already Broken

Submitted by on May 27, 2015 (1 year ago)
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"Tell me how can i walk away? I don't care what they say, I'm loving you anyway.. It's the way you make me feel."

Is it funny how a person from the past brings you back those nostalgic days. Somehow it brought me back to the days where I'm still that guy. The guy who always believe in everything.

"I love you Damien." She utters this words with an innocent smile as we lie naked on her bed.

"I love you too Trish. I'll always do." I said

As I lean forward to kiss her bright red lips, she met me halfway. I can feel her desire as we exchange those passionate kisses.

I can feel the sheets are falling as we move passionately to a song no one could hear.

Moans echoes around the room, it plays like a sweet music to my ears.

My hands reach for her breast, she grasp the edge of the bed the both of us is sharing.

I sucked them like a baby, hungry for some milk. Her nipples, now erect, for it can't contain the attention its getting.

In circular motion, I traced her areola with my tongue. Loud moans leaves her mouth as the moment intensify.

I can see her bit her lips out of ecstasy. I always love the way she looks when she's under the pleasure of sex.

Now she's breathing heavily, she pulls me up. kissed me wildly, tongues fights as if they were swords of knights fighting for their honor. I bit her lower lip, she does the same. Suddenly. She stopped.

I was a bi...