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a sweeter way

Submitted by on January 29, 2015 (3 years ago)
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a sweeter way

a soft caress in my head melted my heart,
a set of fingernails trailing my back is a profound art,
my chest's been pounding in joyous tears,
i'm in your room, while you're in underwears.

oh, what a rattling nerve and dizzying anxiety,
whilst you let me sniff the gusset of your panty,
drooling and ogling , i did not hear what you said,
when you spread your legs, and your back is on your bed.

your hand started kneading something in your underwear,
as i lay watch tongue-hanging in a temperature sear,
a smell of wet pussy carefully cling in the air,
then you howled in ohhs, convulsed in ahhs, ended in shiver.

now you rest in a still, savoring what have been so dear,
when i got up, there's a soaking wet underwear,
i tried to sniff and lick, but you shoo me away,
i think if i'm human, i could help you find a sweeter way.

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