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The Barista

Submitted by on May 13, 2016 (2 years ago)
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The Barista“The usual?”  He asked.  I nodded and gave him a sweet, shy smile.  Our fingers touched when I handed him my payment that I almost gasped.  I can’t be horny with this heat.

“I’ll personally deliver it to you.  Your usual table of course.”  He gave me one of those heart-stopping grins of his, and I felt my clit tingle.  Shit.  Shit.  Shit.  Always a turn on!  I headed to my usual table.

I’ve been hanging out in this coffee shop a few times a week.  Partly because of the summer heat and I like to spend the most of my afternoons somewhere cool.  Now that I just resigned, I feel like I needed to a break from the work place so I decided to be jobless for 3 months and focus on my writing.  And the other part?  Well, to secretly salivate and fantasize on the barista of course.  What can I say?  I haven’t been fucked in over a year and in need of a lot of fucking-fucking.  Sigh!  I might just need a cold shower later to cool me off.

I opened my laptop and opened an empty word document.  Now what to write?  I closed my eyes and imagined a few scenarios in my head.  Erotic scenarious.  I smiled naughtily when the barista’s face poppedin my head.

I switched off, from the background noise at least, but my mind is active with thoughts and closing my eyes I am slowly bringing to life the scene in my mind that I am now in the mood to play out.

The room is dark of course.  Lit only by a soft natu...

Nightfall: An unexpected beginning

Submitted by on January 17, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Part I

'Another shot of tequila', I ordered the bartender to serve me my 23rd shot. I'm alone in Penguin Cafe, since my good friend ditched me her boyfriend, I guess I have to enjoy the night myself.

 A man suddenly sat beside me as he asked me 'Why is this gorgeous lady alone?' I smirked and replied 'It's none of your business' as I took a piece of nacho chips fully into my mouth and looked at him. He smiled and introduced himself, 'I'm Louie'. I just smiled and I offered my right hand for a good handshake 'nice meeting you, Louie'. After shaking his hands, I grabbed my wallet and paid for what I ordered. When I was about to walk away, he grabbed my arms and asked me if I could go grab a coffee with him. 

I don't know what's going on, since I drank a lot, I couldn't drive back to my condo. I had to let the alcohol out of my system, well at least even for an hour or so it wouldn't hurt to have a chit-chat with this tantalizing bloke.

He grabbed my hand and said 'Wanna go grab some milk tea?'

'I thought we're getting coffee?' I replied

He answered 'why don't we get both?'

He guided me to his car, and as a gentleman, he opened the front seat door of his car.

'Thank you' with a matching smile on my face, it seems as I was blushing as a seated on his heavily tinted Ford Ranger. 

'I'm Lexy', I suddenly blurted out my name, my heart was beating fast I don't know why. Is...

a sweeter way

Submitted by on January 29, 2015 (3 years ago)
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a sweeter way

a soft caress in my head melted my heart,
a set of fingernails trailing my back is a profound art,
my chest's been pounding in joyous tears,
i'm in your room, while you're in underwears.

oh, what a rattling nerve and dizzying anxiety,
whilst you let me sniff the gusset of your panty,
drooling and ogling , i did not hear what you said,
when you spread your legs, and your back is on your bed.

your hand started kneading something in your underwear,
as i lay watch tongue-hanging in a temperature sear,
a smell of wet pussy carefully cling in the air,
then you howled in ohhs, convulsed in ahhs, ended in shiver.

now you rest in a still, savoring what have been so dear,
when i got up, there's a soaking wet underwear,
i tried to sniff and lick, but you shoo me away,
i think if i'm human, i could help you find a sweeter way.

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muntik na!

Submitted by on November 21, 2014 (3 years ago)
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First story ko to dito.

Hi, my name is jay or jane ( i prefer jay cause jane is just too girly for me). I have a long brown hair na abot bewang..chinita na bilugan ang mata, flat 5 ang height, mejo maputi, malaki (front and back) and malaki din ako. In short healthy! :) but im not your typical chubby-simple-shy girl.

i know how to fix and present myself well. i get to attract a lot of men cause i like it when i look good. i always smell good too. i guess that's one of my bait, plus the fact that i m double DDs, anyway, i know that its always a plus factor when a woman smells good. i may sound cocky and all but i guess i have all the right to say all of these cause.. what jay wants, jay gets ;) well, most of them, cause.. well.. i suck good. i lick good. i fuck great, but here is where my problem comes in.. i have never had an ORGASM. yep. you read it right. never had the big O. the only pleasure that im getting out of a good sex is seeing my partner cum for me..because of me.

Pero may isang lalaking muntik na sakin iparamdam ito. and his name is Raffy.

I met raffy because of my besfriends' boyfriend. Si paul and my bestfriends name is via.one lazy night.. i was just drivin around town.. the three of us had nothing to do so we decided to just drive around. i was getting really bored already when paul said that a friend of him asked if we can go to his house and just drink.. so i agreed cause, one, i was bored. two, the two of...


Submitted by on June 22, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Ikaw! Oo, ikaw. Ikaw nga tinutukoy ko. Kelan ka ba matututo? Ayan ka na naman eh. Paulit‑ulit ka na lang.

Ilang beses mo na bang sinabi ang mga katagang “ayoko na” at “suko na ako”? Ilang beses mo na bang sinabi na “Last na to, pramis. Pagkatapos nito, titigil na ako.”? Ilang beses na di ba? Pero heto ka na naman. Sa tuwing lalapit sya sayo, di mo naman mahindian.

“Nandiyan ka na naman
Tinutukso-tukso ang aking puso
Ilang ulit na bang iniiwasan ka
Di na natuto”              

Naku! Bagay na bagay sayo ang kantang yan. Di ka na kasi natuto.

Naku, huwag mong sabihin na in-love ka sa kanya. Akala mo lang yun. Marahil nalulungkot ka lang kasi karamihan ng mga taong nasa paligid mo ay may asawa, may kabit, may inaasawa, may kinakabit, may nobyo, may nobya—ikaw lang ang wala.

Tatawagan ka nya kasi badtrip sya at wala syang makausap. At ikaw namang si gaga, nagkukumahog kang sagutin ang tawag niya. Pag di mo naman nasagot, tatawagan mo sya agad o kaya ite-text ng “Sorry I missed your call.” And you wait for him to call you back counting every minute until he does and hating yourself for missing his call.

Eh ano kung tumatawag sya sayo? Naku, wag kang kiligin. Wag mong kulayan ang isang bagay na walang kulay. Wag mong bigyan ng kahulugan ang isang bagay na walang kahulugan. Hindi ikaw ang una niyang n...