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Hiwaga At Pagnanasa

Submitted by on November 28, 2014 (1 year ago)
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Hiwaga At PagnanasaAuthor's Note

   Since I started writing stories, I made a self-imposed rule, and that is to make my works as believable as possible. This erotic story “Hiwaga At Pagnanasa” is an exception to my self-imposed rule.

   Over a month ago, the thought of expanding my literary horizon crossed my mind. I wanted to venture into a somehow tricky genre which is “supernatural”. Now, I’ve finished the first part of this series which I’ve seriously considered not to submit. This is inspired by Anya Bast's book entitled Tempted By Two from which I got the concept of having mates from another kingdom. From there, I tried to develop a different storyline and eventually came up with this supernatural erotic story.

   I’m not really confident that you, my beloved readers, would like it since I, myself, am not that sure if it reached my standards. But I do wish that you’d give this a shot, the same way I did. `Hope you’ll like it. *wink*

Quezon Province, November 28, 1996

“Aaaaaahhhhhh! Hindi ko na kaya, Philip! Manganganak na `ko!” sigaw ni Melissa kasabay ng pag-agos ng tubig sa kanyang hita.

“Please, konting tiis nalang, Hon. Dadating na si doktora,” nag-aalalang tugon ng kanyang asawa.

Nasa probinsya sila ngayon, sa ancestral house ng kanyang mga magulang. Payo kasi ng kanyang...