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The Knot

Submitted by on March 29, 2015 (3 years ago)
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This was a story I have written a couple years ago.

I'm just lucky enough to have had it saved. I hope you guys like it.

Flames and criticisms on the writing are welcome.


I was straddling him when a question came into my mind.

“Rude brat?”


“What if I let other guys fuck me?”


I leaned down on him and hugged him, “What if I ever had sex with another guy? Would you leave me?”


“Well what?”

“I won’t. I’ll fight for you.”

“Hug me tighter.”


Because I never did that, and I never will.”


“Certain. I love you rude brat.”

“Come on. Resume with what you were doing slowpoke.”

“Slowpoke huh?” and I grinned at him while I sat up again.

On a slow pace, I rode him back and forth.

“Ohhhh. Damn. Don’t torture me. Don’t go slow. You tight pussy. Uhhh.”

“Why don’t we do the spoon rude brat? “I wanna hug you.”

“And I want to feel more of you.”.

“Oh fuck!” I exclaimed as he started fucking me again.

“Hey, no harsh words lady.”

“I’m sorry. I just can’t take it. You’re so great.”

“You know why boys would want to fuck so badly?”


The Fiancé 7 (Ting Hun/The Engagement)

Submitted by on November 5, 2014 (3 years ago)
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The Fiancé 7 (Ting Hun/The Engagement)“You can’t call off your wedding just like that! It’s not as if you’re just simply calling off a business meeting!” Kalmado ngunit mariing bulong ng daddy ni Aimee sa kanya matapos niyang i-anunsyo sa kanyang pamilya at sa pamilya ni JC na magba-back out na siya sa kanilang kasal.

Hindi siya natinag sa kanyang kinatatayuan. She will not marry JC Yu. Alam niya na magdudulot ito ng malaking kahihiyan sa kani-kanilang mga pamilya pero desidido na siya.

Dahan-dahan siyang naglakad papunta sa kanyang kwarto at iniwan ang kanilang mga bisita.

Papunta na si JC sa bahay nina Aimee. He’s late because Stella begged for another round of dominant-submissive sexual roleplay. Napailing siya habang nagmamaneho. He thinks that he should stop screwing Stella before he screws everything up with Aimee.

His phone rang. Ang kanyang kuya ang tumatawag.

“Ahia?” He said as he answered the call through speaker.

“Where the hell are you? Aimee cancelled the wedding!”

“Fuck! I’m on my way.”

Napadiin ang pagtapak niya sa accelerator.

Now I’m screwed.

Nadatnan ni JC ang kanyang mga magulang na nakikipag usap sa mga magulang ni Aimee sa sala. They looked so serious. He was a bit scared to approach them. Buti nalang tinawag siya ng daddy ni Aimee.