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Sabik (Kalyo sa Damdamin)

Submitted by on April 9, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Six fucking months and my life have taken a turn for the worse.

"Although I love you deep down inside, until my last damaged cell, I do not think we can really be in love together. The idea of us loving each other makes me want to cringe. I am capable of loving but being in a symbiotic kind of relationship is too scary for me to handle, especially with you my one great love."

Jamie... That fucking coward!

"I could never be sure of what you truly feel about me. Baka, you’re just too butthurt with what happened with you and Chi. You’re probably just feeding your ego with my pussy . I am scared na baka you’re just into me for flesh pleasure, na you’re just using me."

Haven't I admitted my faults? Hindi ko ba inamin sa kanya kung gano ko kagago at kung gano 'yon nabago dahil sa kanya?...

"Or, baka okay naman, pero paano kung our love isn’t too strong after all at makahanap ka ng iba? I am also thinking na I do not deserve your love. I do not even know, what kind of woman, I have turned myself into, these past years. I feel like you deserve the best woman, yung hindi tulad ko lang. I do not deserve a man like you either; you’re too great to be with a woman like me. I am a chicken and a bitch rolled into one person."

Anong akala niya sa akin, si Rizal? Tangina, umiibig lang ako at hindi nagpapakamartir!

"Ayoko din magka-sira tayo just because we chose to love ea...