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Back To Black

Submitted by on June 24, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Back To BlackAuthor's Note: This is one of my old works that I'm reposting. I hope you all like it.


He left no time to regret

Kept his dick wet

With his same old safe bet

“I can’t wait any longer.” Sabi ko sa kanya. We were in his car and driving on the way to Mezza Residences where we both live. Different floors of course – same tower.

“Babe, it won’t hurt if we wait just a few minutes more --” I cut him off by unzipping his crotch and taking his cock out.

“At least, let me give you a sneak preview of what’s to come? Ayaw mo?” I gave him a challenging look and flirty wink squeezing the head of his cock in my hand.

“Alam mo namang I wouldn’t be able to resist that mouth of yours. It’s even happy to see you. Look.” He said as he guided my head downwards – papunta sa cock nya. I noted the precum forming around the tip. I gave it a lick that almost made his hips buck.  “Tease.” He laughed.  “Are you sure you want to do this while I drive?” He asked me and I answered by taking his cock in my mouth.

“Ohhhhh, shit....