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Sex, Drugs and the game.

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This happened in 2008.  This is a true story.

My girlfriend then si Jen (same girl sa post ko na Sa Kitchen) and I were to go out with some friends.  It was a group date as we hook up two of her friends with some friends of hers in college.  We met at one of her friends condo unit.  Her place was a studio type unit.  It was relatively small, as you could be in one side of the room to the other side of the room in just about 6-7 steps.  There was a double deck bed and a small pantry, a mini ref and a coffee table with 2 stools.

We arrived first and was met by Nina (the unit owner) and Van, a friend.  They were the 2 girls we were giving dates.  A few minutes later, the Alex, Chris, together with Clyde and Pinay (they were a couple) arrived together.  We crammed the room and introduced one another.  The 4 that arrived together were former officemates of my girlfriend in a call center.  Nina and Van were high school barkadas of Jen.  We stayed for a while waiting for another couple (Arnold and Des) so we crammed inside the small room.  It was raining so hard outside because there was an impending storm coming so we just waited indoors for them to arrive.

Nina is a chubby girl, mestisa, and about 5'4.  Although she was a huge framed girl, she doesn't have that power big boobs for her frame.  Van was a petite morena girl.  Aside from her jolly personality, she has nice body and perfectly proportioned boobs and butt for her frame....