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The 6-Step Guide for Eating Her Pussy

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Pampabuwenas lang. Konting tips sa tamang pagkain ng cake mula sa The Stallion Style site (link below). Konting twist mula sa akin.

Step #1 – Set Your Mind to Cunnilingus

Dapat gutom ka raw na parang leon. Just imagine that you are starving and her clit and pussy are the only things that you want to eat after weeks.

Step #2 – Tease Your Way Down Her Body

Halikan ang buong katawan (you can even throw a bite or two if she likes that). Simulan sa leeg pababa. Be gentle.

Huwag magbabad sa suso at nipples hahahaha (you should have done already during undressing). Magfocus sa:

1. Belly
2. Pelvic bone
3. Pubic bone

Gamitin ang hands and fingers for extra stimulation as well. Just remember to not to go inside her – just tease her playfully!

Step #3 – Use Kiss, Bite & Deep Breath Method

Eto importante, when she expects you to go for it, just blow on her pussy as you go over it slowly.

Begin in the area of her knee and go slowly and teasingly from there towards her pussy.

You can switch between kisses and very soft bites (this area is very sensitive so be extra gentle with your teeth!).


Kapag malapit ka na sa pussy, again blow slowly on it and go to other leg and repeat above steps. By this time, she should be soaking wet and beg you to eat her out already!



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The next day, I woke up early for a breakfast meeting. I was going to meet the executives of a large mining company somewhere in Surigao. So I put on one of my best suits but sans a tie. Maan was also already awake when I left our home. Ingat dad…good luck sa meeting mo and gave me a kiss…sabi ni Maan. Thanks mommy…love u. and off I went to my meeting.

I arrived at the meeting place a bit early at 7 a.m. soon after dumating na din kameeting ko. Meeting lasted for about two hours, so it was already 9 a.m. when the meeting was over.

I stayed behind, as I was planning to call Anne. I retrieved Anne’s calling card from my wallet and dialed her mobile number.

Hello? Bungad ni Anne. Hey there urself counselor, sagot ko naman. Who’s this please? Tanong naman ni Anne.. It’s John, from last night…Oh Hi John..good morning…how are you? Did you arrive home safely? Asked Anne….im fine thank you and Yes, I arrived home safely, thanks for asking, listen, I parked your car back in the hotel’s parking lot, the parking ticket and keys are with me and I am on my way back to the hotel for another meeting, can u just ask your driver to meet me there for the ticket and the keys?..Sabi ni Anne…sure, no problem, I’ll tell him…

Anne: John, listen…about last night…errrrr how do I say this...


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 I did not drive home. I knew better. My wife will definitely ask whose car I was driving and mahirap na madali magtrace ng owner ng car sa LTO. So I went back to the hotel, parked Anne’s car there and I got mine. I will just call her tomorrow and ask her driver to meet up with me somewhere for the parking ticket and keys.

When I arrived home it was around 2:30 o’clock in the morning already. I called up my yaya to open the gate for me as I didn’t want to wake up my wife Maan anymore.

While in the garage I remembered the wet panty given to me by Anne. Shit buti na lang naalala ko pa, nasa bulsa ko pa naman. I inhaled Anne’s scent for the last time, hmmmang bango talaga…I wrapped it in a piece of paper I saw lying on the middle seat and placed it in the compartment, hoping that Maan will not be too nosy and check what’s inside the compartment.

I used my key to let myself in the house, removed my shoes and went to our bedroom.

Gently, I opened the door so as not to wake Maan and true enough my wife was already fast asleep. Only the lampshade was on. I changed into my sleeping shirt and boxers, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth after which I climb into the bed.

While on the bed, sensing my arrival, Maan moved slightly but did not open her eyes dahil siguro sa sobr...