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"Ang sayo ay Akin" chapter 1:blue pill

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Good day fss community,
First time ko po mag sulat. All opinions are appreciated.

Characters: (pwede madagdagan every chapter)

mike – Rich kid matalino (Mech. Engineer)
clark- best friend ni mike (newbie college professor)
christine -gf ni clark ( 4th year Chem. Engr. Student)

10:00 AM  ng Umaga sa tapat ng isang university.
tumawag si mark kay clark.

Phone conversation:
Clark:hello pre , saan ka na .nasundo mo ba si christine?

Mike:oo pre nasa philcoa pa lang kami.baka 12:00 pa kami makauwi.


Clark: bakit pre ?bat napapamura ka?haha.

Mike:wala pre tang ina kasi . Ang bobo ng nag dadrive sa harapan ko ...ahhh


Clark: ah ganun ba .pwede makausap gf ko ?
binigay ni mike ang phone kay christine...sabay haplos sa pepe nito.

Christine :hello mahal ! ahh ...kagat labi siya para mapigil ang ungol.

Mike : mahal kamusta pakiramdam mo?pasensya na,i can't pick you myself.
may meeting kasi kami 12,i can't afford to be late.

Christine: ok lang mahal ,. umm (sabay takip sa kanyang bibig)
i still feel under the weather though,.ahh.ahh, ill call you when i get home mahal..uhmm
sabay tingin niya kay mike ,para bang namamakaawang itigil ang kanyang ginagawa.

ngisi lang ang ginanti nito , sabay pasok ng isang daliri sa loob ng pepe ni christine.

Clark: mahal ,...

The Day I Got Sold

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Good day everyone.

This happened in 2004. I admit I was a bad girl growing up. Coming from a broken family, I became a rebel without a cause. I constantly ran away from home and stay with my then bf for weeks or even months. Kris, my bf back then came from a well-off family from the Visayas. I got along with him and he was really nice to me. However, bad influences came and both of us were introduced to this thing called DRUGS. At first it was just out of curiousity that we both tried it. Then it became a habit. I myself came to enjoy it and soon we became addicted to it.

Our addiction was casual at first then it became worse when we would sell stuff just to buy drugs. Although we never came to the act of stealing things for it, he however would ask money from his parents for school projects that were non-existent.

Our addiction got worst when Kris would bully people from school just to ask 5-20 pesos from students in school. We had a common friend, Al who kinda introduced us to drugs and he is the one who supplies us with it. I know Al has a hots on me. There would be time that mag-iinuman kami with common friends, he would hit on me or sometimes touch my butt or boobs parang accidently pero I know he did it on purpose.

I could still remember the day when this happened. It was a friday on Intramurals Week at school and we were at school with our friends. It was still around 10am ng gusto ng mag score ni Kris. Wala n...

Stories of a Party Animal: Crystal Trash Party

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It's 3AM. I walked through the dark corridors as I headed to the door of my unit. “They haven't fixed the lights yet? This has been going on for two nights already.” I said to myself. Halfway through, I rummaged my bag for my door keys. I opened the door, my pumps scuffed the tiled floor as I clumsily dragged myself inside. I went directly to the bathroom and turned the tap on. The water gushed into the bath tub and I stretched out my right hand to feel the flowing water onto my palms.

I went to my bedroom and threw my bag on the bed. I took my pumps off and headed to the full body mirror just beside my wardrobe. I started at my reflection and unzipped my dress from behind. I’m left with my matching black lacy undies and I turned sideways and examined my slender body. I fronted the mirror and unhooked my brassiere. I gently caressed my proud Cup B breasts. I then pulled down my lacy black thongs. “I am beautiful and yes, Ishy! You are goddamned sexy! I grinned at myself.

I advanced to my bed, grabbed my bag and emptied its contents. “Where the fuck is it?” I said agitatedly while I continued searching. “Fuck my ass, baby!” I shrieked as I found the tiny packet. I grabbed my West Ice and slid a stick on my lips. I lighted it up and puffed. I reached for my hand phone and dialed Marco’s number. One ring, two rings, three rings, four rings, “…please leave a message after the beep.” There was a long silence...


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Si Emong. Taong palaban. 1994 nang lumuwas siya ng Maynila mula Bicol pagkatapos mamatay ang kanyang mga magulang dahil sa bagsik ng bagyo na humagupit sa kanilang barangay. Labing anim na taon pa lang siya ay batak na siya sa trabaho --- kargador, barker, padyakero, mason, drayber ng traysikel. Sa kasalukuyan ay drayber siya ng isang dyip.

2012 nang makilala ni Emong si Ora na isang tindera sa karinderyang malapit sa terminal kung saan siya namamasada. Simple lang ang kagandahan nitong trenta ayos na babae dahil sa balingkinitang pangangatawan nito, bukod pa sa taas niyang limang talampakan at kulay morenong balat, may kakaiba rin itong karisma na nakakapabighani sa mga lalaki. Ang tsismis sa lugar nila sy separadang babae si Ora nang dalawang beses --- sa isang lalaki at ang huli ay sa isang tomboy. Bagamat dati na itong nakipagrelasyon ay hindi naman nabiyayaan ng anak. Gayunpaman, hindi naging dahilan ito para ligawan ni Emong si Ora hanggang sa sinagot ng babae ang binata. Pagkatapos ng isang buwan ay ay nagsama na sila bilang mag-asawa.

Isang araw ay nagkaroon ng sunog sa palengke at nadamay ang karinderyang pinapasukan ni Ora, dahilan para mapilitang huminto ang misis ni Emong sa pagtatrabaho. Sinubukan ng babaeng maghanap ng ibang mapapasukan pero dahil elementarya lang ang kanyang natapos ay hirap siyang makahanap ng disenteng trabaho kaya pansamantalang pumirme na muna siya sa bahay.

Dahil walang mapagkakaabalahan, naging mainitin...

Sex, Drugs and the game.

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This happened in 2008.  This is a true story.

My girlfriend then si Jen (same girl sa post ko na Sa Kitchen) and I were to go out with some friends.  It was a group date as we hook up two of her friends with some friends of hers in college.  We met at one of her friends condo unit.  Her place was a studio type unit.  It was relatively small, as you could be in one side of the room to the other side of the room in just about 6-7 steps.  There was a double deck bed and a small pantry, a mini ref and a coffee table with 2 stools.

We arrived first and was met by Nina (the unit owner) and Van, a friend.  They were the 2 girls we were giving dates.  A few minutes later, the Alex, Chris, together with Clyde and Pinay (they were a couple) arrived together.  We crammed the room and introduced one another.  The 4 that arrived together were former officemates of my girlfriend in a call center.  Nina and Van were high school barkadas of Jen.  We stayed for a while waiting for another couple (Arnold and Des) so we crammed inside the small room.  It was raining so hard outside because there was an impending storm coming so we just waited indoors for them to arrive.

Nina is a chubby girl, mestisa, and about 5'4.  Although she was a huge framed girl, she doesn't have that power big boobs for her frame.  Van was a petite morena girl.  Aside from her jolly personality, she has nice body and perfectly proportioned boobs and butt for her frame....

Sex, Drugs and Rockn'roll

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Im moving some of my stories in PL here.  Hope you enjoy them.

This true story happened also in college.  I spent 6yrs in college moving from one course to the other.  My first course was ECE, and I have this classmate who became close to me.  We will call him Aldo.  Aldo and I were close but, he moved to another school after 3 semesters because he could not maintain his grades.

A few years later, I met Aldo and he invited me to his place which was nearby.  When we reached his house, a car was waiting for him with three passengers in it, 2 girls and a guy.  Just using eye contact, they went with us upstairs (it was a two story house but modified with 6 rooms on the first floor and 4 rooms on the second floor).  He told me that it was his aunt's house and was converted into a dormitory.

I was familiar with one of the girl that went with us.  I kinda got pissed because Aldo never introduced us.  I then recognize her because she was a socialite and remembered her when she joined a school beauty contest.  She was wearing her nursing school uniform that time.  In this story, we would just call her Carla.  She was in around 19-20 years old, about 5'5", super sexy, and had nice long legs.  I waited at the veranda while they were doing business in a room.  When Aldo came out, he told that they were his regular customers.  It was then that I realized Aldo was dealing drugs.

We went to his room and offered me some for whic...