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Drafts Drafts Draft Drafts - Call Me Draft Punk

Submitted by on March 11, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Drafts Drafts Draft Drafts - Call Me Draft PunkCan't believe I've been pouring over dozens of drafts lately. My ideas are getting out of control for this past few weeks. I already remember the time when I had nothing to do, or to write 'coz my head is like a bottomless abyss.

Nagkamali yata ako sa pagadvance na pagsulat ng mga drafts at plot synopsis, dahil na dederail na ang storya.

I think a break is a great idea, maybe for this whole week. Just to polish the gears in my head.

I dont want to have too much backlog in the office and too much time worrying about plot details. But anyway, I'm starting to love writing. And I mean love it, to the point that I realized I wrote a whole chapter when I was in the office. Crap. I couldn't stand the thought of not writing the hot and steamy scenes floating in my head at the time. LOL.

Fetish: Nagaalburuto agad ang junior ko pagnakakaisip ako ng office scenes, mga secretary na plunging neckline ang mga suot, mga cleavage na nag-hi at hello bawat segundo, mga toilet quickies... haaayyy. Ay nako, office girl yata ang trip ko lately. LOL. *picture related, too much cleavage, the dress couldn't even contain it* :D