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Papano Mang-Dominate?

Submitted by on May 16, 2018 (1 month ago)
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Guys, I just wanna ask you for tips kung papano mang dominate sa sex.

There's this girl kase na nakilala ko on a dating app. We became friends and eventually, nag evolve yung relationship namin into something sexual. Sinabi niya sakin na sa past relationships niya eh palaging siya yung nang dodominate sa guys, and pagod na siya mang dominate. Ako naman, on my last relationship. Hindi ako naging dominant, either my ex girlfriend hindi niya rin naman ako dinominate. So, wala akong masyadong alam kung ano ba dapat gawin bukod sa pag slightly 'choke' sa babae tuwing sex if I wanna show dominance. Another thing is, gusto niya ng roleplay. I know a lot of things about roleplays kaso kapag gagawin na eh, nahihiya na ako.

Can you guys give me tips on these matters para naman masatisfy ko yung gusto ng partner ko....

The Master - Hello William!

Submitted by on March 29, 2016 (2 years ago)
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The Master - Hello William!Warning:

This story has extreme sexual and violent scenes not suited for faint hearts. Read at your own risk. 

This is an original composition of the author. Do not plagiarize. 

Enjoy reading (or not)...



At the crack of dawn, just as the sun was about to peep between the mound of mountains in the east, a single soul was busy tending to his daisies. Another layer of plot and another batch of the lovely flowers were gingerly planted – orange daisies this time – it was her favorite color after all.

… Hannah.

The man smirked and his beady eyes glimmer with the sweet thoughts he's having. He closed his eyes, stands with his head looking up and spread eagled arms, feeling the heat of the early morning rise as it warms his skin defeating the wetness of the wet fog's reign.

Inside his mind an opera plays...

It's cold, so cold

Everywhere he looked

Darkness looms

He can see nothing

Yet he knows he's not alone

For somewhere in that basement floor

His sister and mother lays unmoving.

It's all quiet now.

Maybe his brother fell asleep in his embrace. 

He's afraid to move and let go of him for he might wake...

The Master (Ritual)

Submitted by on March 8, 2016 (2 years ago)
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The Master (Ritual)A week had gone by and the sleeping demon lays restless, eager to get out of its cage. Hunger evident on his rambling and a thirst for blood compels him yet once more; as convincing as a malefic force in a tidal wave of gigantic proportion.

"It's time my friend, we need to feed and find our prey."

That little voice whispering and keeps nudging him slowly takes shape behind the mirror above the sink. A person glowing, with a pair of dark angel's wings, smiling at him with eyes ablaze with menace and acrimonious sweetness - a deadly concoction sipping in his spirit, filling it with a desire so stringent as a turbulent storm brewing on the horizon ahead.

"It's time!"

Exclaiming indifference, he finally agrees and mentally shakes the hand of the monster; embracing the challenge, knowing that it’s what he really wants or rather, what he really needs to quench the craving within him.

And with that, he and the demon become one and the same. No more reflection, no more conversation, no more confusion – fueled by the same advertence and malevolent intentions, his thoughts flee, sure of its direction. It went to the building next to his own and the vivid image of the reception desk and its occupant flashed on his conscious mind, Hilda...

Hilda, her long black hair shining like a queen's crown that beacons his attention…

Hilda, just the ripe age of 25, the same age...

The Master (Escalation)

Submitted by on January 27, 2016 (2 years ago)
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The Master (Escalation)The stale scent of used clothes and of puffed cigars did nothing to deter the arousal of that man and woman; their sweating body glistening, their sigh of pleasure echoes and the silence of the eve gawks as it reached its crescent and rippling orgasm blinded both beyond the darkness of the moonless night.

Only the man was far from sated. Inexplicable hunger eats him from deep within and a familiar itch started rising from his gut, traveling its way to his two gloved hands. And with blank stares, in a trance, his grip tightened; watching life getting drained from his prey, lights dimming from the windows of the soul within.

“There, there, there!”

Resistance met his efforts and he found it comforting and exhilarating even - seeing her squirm, trying to free herself, scratching his arm, grasping for her dear life - breathtakingly beautiful!

“Let go... Let go... Let go.”

His caressing voice mimics that of a father convincing his daughter that a root canal is a necessary evil.

And when all is calm and serene, a smile of satisfaction adorns his face. Elation filled his hollow core. Thinking, at last he found his needle in the haystack.

"Good girl."

So good, he felt so good. For the first time, he feels complete. This is what he's been looking for all his life. The sexual gratification of inflicting terror and the power height from the fear in her eyes gives him a sensation that is beyon...

The Master (A Prelude)

Submitted by on January 24, 2016 (2 years ago)
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The Master (A Prelude)Tangina! 
Ang daming arte, oh.. 
Ibuka mo na kasi. 
Bukaka pa! 
Ayan, ganyan nga. 
Spread your lips, bitch! 
See how wet you are? 
I'm gonna slap your clit with this horse tail... 
Count as I do. 
There you go. 

Feel the sting? 
Let me lick it better. 
You taste so damn good. 
Do you like it? 
For every disobedience, I will whip you up.
I am asking you, do you like it? 
Good girl.

Now hand me that ice cube. 
Feel the cold burning your pussy skin? 
Numbing your senses? 
Pi-fingerin kita ng dalawang daliri. 
Don't cum till I say so. 
You got that? 
Malapit ng matunaw ang yelo 
Bibilisan ko paglabasmasok ng kamay ko. 
Puta ka!
Tigas ng ulo mo.
Another whip then...
Stop squirming!
Kung hindi, ititigil natin ito. 

Tunaw na ang yelo. 
Hihimurin ko tinggil mo. 
Hmmmm, ang sarap! 
Parang sashimi sa first class na Japanese Restaurant. 
Malapit ka na. 
I could feel your insides strangling my fingers. 
Bakit ko hinugot? 
You are not listening at all.
Gustong gusto mo talagang maparusahan, ano?
Told you not to cum until I say so. 
Now, calm your self. 

Put your...

Marupok (Full Version)

Submitted by on May 7, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Marupok (Full Version)"Ate Agnes, pasensiya ka na sa abala ha." wika ng hipag niyang si Glenda, isang beinte otso anyos na babae.

"Ilang araw lang namang makikituloy ang pinsan kong si Greg. Inaayos kasi yung bar na pinagtatrabahuhan niya, kasama na dun yung barracks nila." dagdag niya habang ipinapakisuyo sa hipag ang pansamantalang paninirahan ng isang trenta'y uno anyos na lalake.

"Okey lang Glenda. Maliit na bagay lang yan, maigi na din na me kasama kami dito habang wala ang kuya Carlito mo." tugon ni Agnes, isang trenta'y sais anyos na ginang.

"Salamat Ate Agnes. Siyangapala, bakit pala wala si kuya Carlito ngayon?"

"Pinuntahan kasi nya kahapon yung nabili naming bahay sa ikapitong bayan. Sa isang linggo na ang uwi ng kuya mo dito." sagot ni Agnes,"Ipinapa-renovate kasi namin yung mga kisame at flooring ng bahay pati na ang pagpapapintura. Nagustuhan namin yung lugar. Ibebenta din namin tong bahay para dun na kami titira."

"Talaga Ate? Ang galing naman! Nakakatuwa naman. Big-time na pala kayo."

"Hindi naman. Nabili kasi namin yung lupa't-bahay sa murang halaga sa nagsangla sa'min. Kesa daw mapunta sa iba eh kami na daw ang makinabang."

"Ang galing naman. So, okey nang iwan ko muna dito si Greg ha? Ilang araw lang naman Ate."

"Oo. Okey na okey lang, Glenda. Naiintindihan ko naman, sa iisang kwarto...

Ulayaw ni Sam at Lanie

Submitted by on January 12, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Si Sam at Lanie. Magkaklase. Magkababata. Magkaibigan. Magkalaguyo.

Si Lanie, 25. asawa ni Richard na isang OFW sa Qatar. Ilang buwang pa lang kasal ang dalawa nang matanggap si Richard bilang engineer sa isang itinatayong casino sa disyerto sa Qatar. Bagamat isang taon pa lang sa propesyon si Richard ay nagbakasakali pa rin itong mag-apply. At sinuwerte namang natanggap ito sa isa mga ahensiyang inaplayan. Ibinalita ito ni Richard pero sa halip na matuwa si Lanie ay nagkaroon ng pagtatalo ang mag-asawa.

“Bakit pa kasi aalis ka sweetheart? Maganda naman ang trabaho mo dito sa Makati…” paghihimutok ni Lane.

“Honey, maayos nga ang sweldo ko rito pero ang tatlong buwang sweldo ko rito ay kikitain ko sa Qatar ng isang buwan lang. Mabilis akong makakaipon para sa atin at sa magiging anak natin…”

“Makakaipon ka nga para sa pamilya pero di mo naman ako mabigyan ng anak,” paismid na sagot ni Lane.

“Honey, please. Pagbigyan mo ako ng isang taon. Once I return, ang panahon ko at atensyon --- I’ll give it to you 100 percent,” ani Richard, sabay yakap sa misis niya.

“Pero…paano kung hanap-hanapin ko ito…” lambing na bulong ni Lane sabay harap at himas sa bumubukol na harapan ng mister niya.

“I can buy you “toys” while we do it on s...


Submitted by on July 7, 2014 (3 years ago)
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She was stretched out on the bed stark naked.  Her sight masked by a black scarf blindfold.  Her hands tied to the bedposts.

He stared for a moment at the sight before him. Everything about her screamed of sex.  Her smooth, waxed pussy gleamed with the fine sheen of her arousal already seeping out between her thighs. A goddess – she was his sex goddess.

He was positive she knew the potent effect she had on men — him most importantly —given the way that she lay on the bed with a slight arch to her back emphasizing the slenderness of her ribcage and the small circumference of her waist and perfectly showcasing her breasts to hungry eyes – his hungry eyes.

“Who’s there?” She sensed his presence.

He sat on the bed and traced the outlines of her lips. He wanted to kiss those lips and bite them.

“Please…” She begged. “Please let me go.” There was fear in her voice. His cock hardened at the way she sounded.

He was tempted to rip the blindfold off her face so that he could watch her quivering and see her eyes grow big as she begged him.

He stood up and proceeded to tie her ankles. She was pleading. In tears, she was in tears now. He loved it. He knew it was perverted. But he loved that she was pleading; that she was begging; that she was crying.

He smiled. He was going to enjoy this.

And he vowed she will enjoy what he is going to do to h...

white collar job 3

Submitted by on July 4, 2014 (3 years ago)
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This is it. Ito na kasi ang araw ng pa-despedida ni Diego bego siya umalis papuntang Amerika. And I decided to go and attend kasi it would be very rude on my part if I don’t, considering that he invited me in the first place.

“Dad, can I ask you a favor?” sabi ko kay hubby after he took a shower.

“Sure hon, what is it?”

“One of my officemates invited me to attend his send-off party tonight. Pwede bang samahan mo ako?”

“I’d love to hon, but you know how stressful the office is in right now. I have to go early tomorrow and deal with the problems as soon as possible.”

“Ano ba yan, hon. Do you really have to go early?”

“Unfortunately hon, I have to. Medyo mabigat ang problema ang hinaharap ng management ngayon. And if we don’t do something about it soon, baka malugi ang kumpanya."

Tumahimik na lang ako. I didn’t pursue the issue anymore. Matamlay akong tumayo at naglakad papunta sa bathroom.

“Hey, don’t worry. Once we resolve this problem today, I am yours. It’s your call kung saan tayo magde-date…” sabay halik niya sa lips ko.

“Sige, that’s a deal. Pero pupunta pa rin ako mamaya sa party. I promised to attend kasi…”


white collar job 2

Submitted by on July 3, 2014 (3 years ago)
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When I returned to work on Monday everything went on normally in the office. Even Diego deals with his transactions with me professionally, as if nothing happened last weekend. Kaya medyo nakahinga ako nang maluwag dahil Diego kept that scandalous episode our secret.

And just like any other day, I did my job as an employee in the bank. After conducting my usual monthly meeting with my subordinates, Diego approached me after the others had left.

“Madame, may I have a talk with you privately?”

“Diego…er…Mr. Szeretto. Sure, sure. Please, let’s go to my office…”

When we reached my office, he politely opened the door as I entered.

“Please sit down, Mr. Szeretto”, I said, after sitting on my chair. “How can I help you?”

“Madame…Diego na lang po and…um…I’d like to inform you that I have filed my resignation today and this will take effect at the end of the month.”

“You’ve resigned? Why?”

“Well, my dad’s recently retired working as a banker in the States and he asked me to take his place there. I apologize madame kung ngayon ko lang po kayo na – inform due to the urgency of the matter. And since my dad and Mr. Cruz, our CEO, are very close friends, he informed him at once about his...

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