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blackmailed (the realtor's wife) 2

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“Hi guys, what’s up?” tanong ni Greg habang nakikipagkamayan kay Robert.

Napa-ismid si Robert sa tanong nya. (“What’s up? Hah! My cock was up a while ago before your wife sucked the cum out of me…”) sabi ni Robert sa sarili.

“Hi Greg, Leena and I had to go to the balcony. She was a bit dizzy drinking the wine so I told her to get some fresh air," paliwanag ni Robert.

“Oh, so ok na ba ang pakiramdam mo honey? Do I need to call a doctor?

“Uh, no need Greg, am feeling fine now. Hey the show must go on."

“Right you are Leena. After this introductory phase a 30 minute question and answer will be entertained. At kailangang andoon ka Robert. Alam mo yan. This is your territory, so be at your best, ok? After all, your kid brother’s watching you. And he’s sharp man, eager to get into this business. Well good luck Hubert. And enjoy the night…”

“Thank you Mr. Clouddeck. I’m sure I will indeed enjoy this night.”

Nag-panel discussion na nga ang media at mga real estate experts habang ang ibang guests ay kumakain ng dinner, kasama na roon si Leena at Hubert na sa iisang lamesa.

“Ang galing talagang mag explain ni sir Clouddeck --- ng mister mo Ate Leena…”...