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Sabik (Threesome On My Mind)

Submitted by on April 5, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Following that letter she posted on her timeline, ilang araw din akong nanahimik, nag-isip at pilit na inalala kung sino nga ba si Jamie sa aking buhay at nakaraan.

In a way, nakakataba ng puso ang malaman na may isang taong matagal na palang lihim na umiibig sa isang tulad ko. Tinitigan ko ang aking sarili sa salamin at pilit na hinahanap 'yong taong nakita niya sa katauhan ko.

Siguro nga, may nakita siyang hindi ko nakikita. Kung ano man iyon, parang natukso akong alamin. I wan to know me in front of her eyes. I felt the urge to reacquaint with myself thru her, to know just what the hell did she see in me to keep on loving me for nine whole years.

And so started the exchange of private messages between us. It begun as casual conversation, without us mentioning about that post of hers, until we came to this stage.

Ewan kung ano nga ba ang label ng aming relationship. Ang alam ko lang, she makes me feel like no other. Dahil ba alam kong mahal niya ako? Dahil ba may thrill iyong fact na openly nagtataksil ako sa long time girlfriend ko? O Dahil ba, for the first time I really see her, her beautiful mind, her eloquence, her fucking sexuality?

We were in a middle of a heated phone sex that Sunday evening when I have to abruptly cut off our conversation to answer an incoming call from my girlfriend.

She said she'll be staying the night sa place ko dahil na-miss daw niya ko ng sobra. The previous weekend kasi hindi...

Crimson Pass - The True Story

Submitted by on March 28, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Author's Note :

Ito ang kuwento ng mga tunay na pangyayaring naganap sa pagitan nina Jaydee, Mira at Chi.

"Truth is stranger than fiction", they say. I'll let you be the judge of that if it really is.


Jaydee's Point of View

We agreed to meet on Saturday.

Ang usapan ay magkikita kami ni Chi sa terminal ng bus sa Quezon City para sabay na kaming magbiyahe papunta kina Mira.

Inaamin ko, talagang atat na atat na akong matuloy ang aming sexcapade in the province. Hindi lang dahil, makikita ko ulit si Mira after so many months, kundi dahil na rin kay Chi.

I was wondering, if she's the younger version of Mira but more playful and a little bit clumsier.

She is one hell of a woman. Young and full of life. Walang kaartehan sa katawan, so witty at ang sarap sarap kausap - bonus na lang na ang ganda rin niya at ang sexy pa, base na rin sa mga litratong pinopost niya sa aming group chat.

Partly, gusto ko ring i-validate sa sarili ko kung pareho pa rin ang intensity ng aking nararamdaman para kay Mira. We parted ways months ago with good feelings. More than the lust I felt for her, I somehow sensed a deeper connection.

Not love, mind you. Let me be clear on that. Marahil mahirap maintindihan ng iba. The bliss of finding and knowing someone you can talk to, really talk to, is something priceless....

Cybergirl With Many Faces

Submitted by on March 27, 2016 (2 years ago)
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First, let us start to where it all began. It was during this time that depression and boredom came into my life. To fight this personal crisis I said to myself, Hey I guess everybody could use a hobby and I could definitely use one. I tried to think of a good cheap and expressive means of a hobby and I remembered this Internet site called ###.

It was 10 years after my I first login in ###. I was unsuccessful in recovering my previous pen name. As the years elapsed I have certainly forgotten my password. Unfortunately the email addressed used to recover the account is already defunct. With this I was forced to create a new one.

Upon creating this new account I began reading and rewriting or improving my previously submitted stories. Afterwards I re-posted them in my newly created account.

Honestly I wanted this website to be a one way street at first. I just wanted to write stories and pouring them out as they go. I usually care nothing of feedbacks as I just needed a means of creative release.

However as consequence of my personally engraved writing I was soon bombarded with various messages and inquiries in the website. I did not like it then as I see it was cumbersome to provide responses to each and every one of them.

But what the heck at least provide courtesy as for their exerted efforts. And little did I realize I was already writing and participating in blogs within this site.

It is then when β€œCyb...