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Submitted by on November 14, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I fell very hard on the floor,
On the day you walked out the door
Without knowing the real score,
You've burned me to my very core.

I've broken down to pieces then,
Asked myself to move if I can-
I know I can but don't know when,
Pretty soon I've lost who I am.

I've been scattered far apart,
Nothing was left of my poor heart.
Hence I just don't know how to start-
Even if I had asked Descartes.

And then a light shone upon me,
Looking at it and I did see-
There is something beyond to be,
But I know there's no guarantee.

Picking up the pieces one by one,
Maybe I should go for the run-
Coz after things were said and done,
It'll be great to know I had won....