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The Lamentation of Kyme

Submitted by on November 4, 2016 (10 months ago)
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“Hi babes! You awake?” bati ko kay Dimples sa cellphone..

“Yeah…aren’t you still at work? Baka masita ka ng supervisor mo niyan ha, masisante ka pa dahil sa akin,” ani Dimples.

“Nah, don’t worry, malakas ako sa kanya. Besides, I’m off from work in 10 minutes.”

“So, are we going to meet tonight at 9?”

“Yup, see you at there at your folks’ home.”

“So is there anything you’ll do that’ll surprise me?”

“Come on…bakit ko sasabihin sa iyo? It won’t be as exciting if I’m going to tell you di ba? Hehehe…”

“Daya! Sige na nga hihintayin na lang kita…and don’t make me wait…You don’t want me taking my panty off by myself…”

 “Ooohhh…babe don’t you’re stirring up my insides. Sige, I’m out. See you in a few hours…”

Paglabas ko ng building ay halos talunin ko ang tumatakbong air-conditioned bus para makasakay agad kahit nagsisiksikan ang mga pasahero dahil sa rush hour.

Si Dimples. My High school classmate and close buddy. Nagkahiwalay lang kami ng landas dahil sa mga kursong kinuha sa kolehiyo pero we got in touch again when we began working in the same company: Me in Accounting, Dimples in Personnel.

Niligawan ko si Dimples until we became lovers. After a six months, namanhikan ako para magpaalam sa parents ni Dimples kaya itinakda namin ang kasal in six months.

I consider myself...


Submitted by on January 2, 2016 (1 year ago)
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And if you go,I'll lose something inside me,
All my doubts outcasting my beliefs.
The chains that kept you in will burst into fragments.

Into pieces, 
My only reason to live would fall into the ground.
Into silence, 
The only beat my heart makes would bear no sound.
My eyes would go blind knowing no light.
And those tears I'd only shed for you, would be too strong to fight.

I'd be left alone, all shriveled and weak.
Wandering the streets with nothing to seek.
I'd only be laughing if It were for you,
Now I'm laughing but for the reasons I'm afraid to show.

I'd walk on fire to just see you again,
But without you, 
every step is like walking in Hell.

Sleepless nights and endless thoughts of wishing you were here,
But I'm constantly reminded I would wake up and I taste my tears.

Death would be funny,
Silence would be great,
But the defeaning sound of reality catches me off guard,
And forcefully slams me in the face with all my fears.
I breathe slowly as the sharp edge of my destiny awaits for my throat.

None of these would have happened,
None of these would have ended in me watching myself all white inside a casket,
Sleeping soundly being lowered down the ground,
Going six feet under.

None of these would have happened,
I wouldn't have to see people cry for me without knowing of their sincerity.

I'm not moving on

Submitted by on October 30, 2014 (2 years ago)
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You will always be a part of me

No matter how many years passed

It's only you who I always see

Though everyone says moving on is a must

And you have already turned to dust

Now, we may not be able to be together,

But I'll be waiting until forever.

© 2014

All rights reserved. This poem or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the author by any means available.


Never Again

Submitted by on September 6, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Author's Note

   May you be warned that this story contains only light romance, minimal sex scenes, and a tragic ending.

   Due to the untimely passing of my friend, I was encouraged to write this story so as to pay tribute to her memory. It is based on her one of a kind love story. My friends and I consider her kindness, generosity, and sunny disposition in life as her legacy to us, most especially to her loved one. I’ve tried to recall all the fun-filled memories as well as the snippets of her own love story which she constantly shares to us whenever we had gatherings. I used two POVs. Please note that these POVs are generated from my subjective view of their story. Most of the conversations depicted herein are actual conversations which transpired in the occasional get-togethers that we had. And of course, I did some “magic” on the sex scenes because when she told us that they already did it, she never shared it in excruciating detail. *wink*

   To my pieng yiu, I do hope that I gave justice to your love story. Wherever you are, you will definitely be missed.

Chinese New Year, 2011

Katatapos lang mag-park ni Mimi ng kanyang sasakyan. Pagbaba niya ng kotse, tinungo niya ang second floor ng restaurant na pag-aari ng pamilya ng kaibigan niyang si Gem. May mini office ito sa taas ng restaurant at doon nila naisipang mag-meet ng mga kaibigan...

Farewell, My Pieng Yiu

Submitted by on September 4, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Just as I got home,
I received a phone call.
A call which prompted me to sit
`coz if not, I might just fall.

"What?!" I tried to keep calm,
Yet I ended up screaming.
The shaky response was,
"We'll pick you up, Mimi's dying."

We rushed to the hospital,
Praying that she'd be fine.
But what awaits us
Is a monitor with a flat line.

Oh, what sorrow it is
To be left by a friend so dear.
Our sobs echoed through the hallway;
So heartfelt, so sincere.

A fatal car accident,
That's what took her life.
Remembering her sweet smile
Felt like I'm being stabbed with a knife.

My sweet dear pieng yiu,
I have known you since we're young.
Your genuine kindness and optimism,
Is a symphony left unsung.

Your death is painful,
We are all grieving.
Do you feel the same, pieng yiu?
Or are you rejoicing?

I've read that death is only painful,
To those who were left behind.
But to the ones who left,
It’s the ultimate peace of mind.

Farewell, my dear pieng yiu.
Yes, I may have lost you t...

Here Now and Forever

Submitted by on July 27, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Here Now and ForeverMy eyes crept open slowly fluttering. I felt my hand rise in front of my vision, blocking the streaks of sunshine pushing its way between the leaves of overgrown trees.

Blinded for a moment, I closed my eyes and took one deep breath. The balcony had always been my favorite part of our house.

My eyes opened again. This time engulfing more intricate details of my location. Birds were chirping just loudly enough for me to feel safe. The air was warm and calming.

I turned off every stray thought basking in the 180-degree view of the beauty around me. The sky is as blue as it had always been. And I knew this is where I wanted to be right now.

And I let the nature around me fill me up – fill all my empty spaces.

It keeps me standing still. And smiling.

And the last thing I want is to let all this pass by without knowing with complete certainty that I cherished it and let it fully develop into its fullest form inside of me. It lets me go. Nothing exists except that moment.

There is something to be said about days like this one. When everything feels like it is possible. When I feel like I do not have to shrink into the expectations I have made for myself. Like I myself can burst out of them.

And there’s something to be said about how you can fall in love with a snapshot of right now. When everything touches your five senses and how you don’t question their imperfections but fall in love wit...


Submitted by on July 8, 2014 (3 years ago)
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“Patawarin mo na siya please”......pagsusumamo ni Arnel kay Ria

“Bakit, humingi ba siya ng tawad sakin para patawarin ko siya?”...pagtataray nito sa kaibigan

“Ano ka ba nya spokesperson?”....patuloy nito

“Ria, naman, kaibigan natin siya kailangan niya tayo”....muli si Arnel

“Hindi ko siya kailangan Arnel, mamatay man ako hanggang dun dadalhin ko ang galit ko sa kanya”...matigas na tinig na sagot ni Ria

Lupaypay ang balikat na tumalikod ang lalaki at dahan dahang naglakad palayo.
Walang ekpresyon ang mukha ng dalaga.Ngunit mababanaag mo dito ang galit sa kanyang mga mata.

Di naman sya talagang ganito, Isang taon ang nakalipas, isa siyang masayahing tao, parang kinikiliti lagi ang kanyang paa dahil palagi syang nakatawa.Ang kanyang presensya ang nagpapasaya sa kanilang grupo.Walang pangit na sandali nun, dahil yun ay yung panahon na mabait pa siya.

Kelan nga ba siya nag-umpisa maging bugnutin, malungkutin at nawalan ng kislap sa mata……

Mapagmahal siya…at makikita ang pagmamahal na iyon sa katauhan ng kanyang nobyo….nang binigay niya ang lahat dito.

Birhen siya. Unang lalaking nakahalik sa kanya ay si Efren…..Si Efren ang nagbukas sa isip niya sa tawag ng laman.

Madalas silang lumabas noon. Pumunta ng park….pumunta ng mall…manuod ng sine.

Minsan silang nanuod ng sine..pinili ni Efren na nasa dulo sila at nasa pinaka-itaas...

Kabilang Mundo 14

Submitted by on November 14, 2013 (3 years ago)
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Please refer to the previous part.

(Kapitulo Trienta y Siete)

"Maita! Maita!"

Naririnig ko ang tinig ni Tony.
Bigla akong napalanghap ng hangin kasabay ng pagmulat ng aking mga mata.
Nakita ko si Tony na nakaluhod sa tabi ko pati na ang mga Diwata na nakapalibot sa aming dalawa.

"Ahh... An-anong nangyari?"
tanong ko habang hawak ang sumasakit kong ulo.

Minamasdan ko ang paligid, naalala ko na, nandito parin kami sa lugar ng mga Diwata.

"Pinag-uusapan lang natin ang tungkol sa mga talinhaga at apat na elemento ngunit nahilo ka ata at bigla ka nalang natumba at nawalan ng malay."
sagot ni Tony habang tinutulungan akong makabangon.

Biglang bumabalik sa akin ang mga flash of scenes na hindi ko alam kung saan ko nakita.
Si Tony, sinaksak ko siya, tapos may dugo, hindi gaanong detalyado ang nakikita ko, ngunit nakakarandam ako ng kaba.

"Ayos ka lang ba Maita?"
tanong ng Diwata sa akin.

"Ah.. Opo.."
maikling sagot ko, hindi ko na sinabi ang mga flash of scenes na nasa isipan ko.

Pinilit kong makatayo kahit pa nanlalambot ako. Alam kong kailangan na naming umalis, wala na kaming oras, may tatlong araw nalang kami, masyado na kaming maraming naigugol na oras sa lugar na ito.

"Maaari kayong manatili dito kung inyong gugustuhin, para makapagpahinga ka na rin Maita."
alok sa amin ng Pinunong Diwata.

Biglang hinarap ni...

Kabilang Mundo 13

Submitted by on November 7, 2013 (3 years ago)
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Please refer to the previous part.

(Kapitulo Trienta y singko)

"Hindi na po kami magtatagal, kami po ay lilisan na."
paalam ni tony sakanila.

"Ngunit maaari n'yo po bang ituro ang daan papuntang tuktok ng bundok?"
hiling ko naman.

"uhm. Sasamahan kayo ni Shantal. Siya ang diwata ng kagubatang ito, kabisado niya ang bundok na ito kaya matutulungan niya kayong marating ang rurok"
ika niya.

Mga ilang saglit pa ay umalis na kami, nagpatuloy sa paglalakad kasama ang diwatang si shantal.
Tinahak namin ang gawing norte, kung saan malinis na ang daan, wala na ang mga makakapal na damo ngunit marami paring samu't-saring mga puno sa paligid.

Kung ano-ano ang pumapasok sa aking isipan.
Tensyonado ako lalo na't may tatlong araw nalang kami.
Hindi ko rin maiwasan ang hindi mag-alala sa dalawa pa naming kaibigan, bagama't white witch si maya ay nag-aalala parin ako.
Si daddy, iniisip ko rin, sana'y nasa mabuti parin siyang kalagayan, alam kong malungkot siya ngayon at nag-iisa.

Ang pinakamasaklap ay ang bagay na nangyayari sa akin, napakahirap magdesisyon, hanggang ngayon ay hindi parin ako mapanatag.
Naiipit ako sa sitwasyon, lahat ng pag-pipilian ko ay walang maidudulot na maganda.
Kamatayan ko, o ang kamatayan ng dalawang kaibigan kong sina Tony at Jacob?
Sa ganitong isipin ako biglang napahinto sa paglalakad.

"oh maita, bakit ka tumigil?"

Kabilang Mundo 6

Submitted by on September 12, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Please refer to the previous part.

(Kapitulo Triese)

"heto na maita! dito tayo, dali!"
hinila ako ni tony papunta sa isang malaking puno.
Umupo kami at nagtago sa likod ng makakapal at madahon na gumamela na nakatanim sa baba ng puno.

"ano ba talaga 'yon tony?"
tanong ko sa kanya habang tinatanaw-tanaw namin sila.
Nakita ko ang linya ng mga nakahilerang nilalang.

"yan ang prosesyon ng kamatayan, o ang pinapaniwalaan ninyong Grim Reaper"
sagot niya.

"Grim reaper? Diba siya yung kumukuha sa kaluluwa ng mga taong namatay na?"

"hindi! 'di ba nga si Lucifer ang sumusundo ng soul of death? Walang anyo ang kamatayan (grim reaper). Ito ay masamang pangitain lamang na lumalabas para magbigay hudyat na mamatay na ang isang tao."

"eh ano'ng ibig sabihin ng prosesyon na 'yan?"

"may.....may ma-mamatay ngayong gabi!"
halos hindi pa niya masabi-sabi.

Nag-alala naman ako ng husto, na baka hindi na ako makabalik pa sa katawan ko at tuluyan na akong mamamatay.

"hindi na ba ito mapipigila-"
napahinto ako nang maaninag ko ang nakakagimbal na nilalang na nakatayo sa sa likod namin ni tony.
Abala kaming nakaupo at naninilip, ni hindi namin namalayan na may halimaw na palang nakatayo sa likod namin.

pabulong kong sigaw.
Ni hindi ako makalingon sa likod, baka kung ano pa ang g...

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