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Submitted by on June 10, 2014 (3 years ago)
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NAKAKAGULAT!!!. . .this is what i initially felt ng mabasa ko yung subject ng private message when i clicked the flashing envelope pagka log in ko sa FSS recently.

Dalidali kong binuksan ang said message and to my surprise. . . well. . . .anyways. . . guys. . . i want to share this sa inyo kung ano ang nilalaman ng private message na yun.

10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you made me interested in you, and the way you play it cool.
I hate the way you sound on the phone, I hate it when you act like a fool.
I hate your blogs and confessions, and the way you anticipate my reactions.
I hate you so much it makes me crazy - It even makes me wish for chat malfunction.
I hate the way you’re always honest. I hate it when you know I lied.
I hate it when you make me happy - Even worse when you make me tongue tied.
I hate it when you’re on travel. And the fact that you don't call.
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you - Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

With love,



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COPIED "IN TOTO" FROM A MESSAGE SENT TO ME. . . . . just want to share this with you guys and isipin nyo kaya kung ano ang naramdaman ko pagkatapos kong mabasa ito!!!!

Dear Darl,

By the time you read this you are probably back in Manila. Happy to be home again but probably dreading going back to your old routine. I wish I was there to welcome you home, to hug you tight and show you how much I miss you. 

To think we just “met” each other few weeks ago. Looking at the calendar, I can’t believe that it was more than a month since we started sending PMs and emails. Almost a month when we both admitted that we have feelings for each other. And to be honest, I still can’t believe we are in a relationship. 

It still feels strange sometimes. But the good kind of strange. The kind that gives me energy to get up in the morning and finish all I need to do just so I’ll be free to talk to you. The kind that inspires me to become a better version of me. The kind that gives me courage to have faith that we have is real and worth fighting for. 

So thank you Darl for making me feel so special and for your patience and perseverance in breaking down the walls around me. Without you I’ll probably continue to exist in my own little bubble, safe but alone. Still convincing myself that I’m content in my life, ignoring a part of me that longs to belong to someone. You may not be what I want, but you are what I need. 



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BAKIT KAYA. . . .REPLY NI DARL. . . . How can I miss you this much???

   Darl: Same question I asked for the past 4 days. Only acceptable answer is --- I just do. 

Loving you really made me the happiest but being so far away from you somehow makes me sad.

     Darl: So true! I even thought of training myself not to miss you so much. Resolving to be offline so I will not be tempted to send you offline messages. I know you are busy and you have to concentrate in what you have to do. And I will never get in the way of what you are doing. But the selfish part of me won a little, it agreed with the rational side not to send you so many kulit messages, but it fought hard for me to stay online, just so if there is chance that you will send me a message so I can reply right away.

       Do you know that the mere sight of the blinking envelope in FSS warmed my heart? Because I knew you sent me a letter again and it never failed to surprise me with what you had to say.

     Or do you know that your FSS blogs/confessions made me want to hide under the bed? Because of so much kilig, I can't barely control myself from shouting your name.

     Or do you know when YM window suddenly popped, and I saw your name, it automatic...