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Real Talk

Submitted by on February 19, 2017 (1 year ago)
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Mga kalibog tanong ko lang kung sino dito may sexual fantasy sa pinsan or pamangkin nila?? At natry ng bosohan or amuyin ung used panties nila na may katas ng puke nila. Or sino dito may nakasex ng pinsan or pamangkin nila?...

Sexy Love Part IV

Submitted by on August 28, 2015 (2 years ago)
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"Lie still." Kathy commanded as she stood on my bed, just above my sexual organ. She bent her knees, letting her wet pussy touch my hard cock. She moved upward, grinding herself on the length of my shaft.

"Mmm, Kathy, that feels good." I said softly.

She stood up and moved until she was on top of my face. Again, she bent her knees until my face was centimeters away from her pussy and I could smell her sex. She bent lower. I stuck my tongue out, tasting her sweet sweat and cum. She moaned and grabbed her boobs, squeezing them with pleasure. I continued to lap at her hole, like a thirsty man in the dessert. She rolled over on the bed until she got to the edge. She positioned herself between my legs as started stroking my penis. She held it up so she can suck my balls and lick the area between them and my asshole. I felt goosebumps all over my body. She returned her attention to my junior.

"Hi there." she said as she kissed the head, rolling her tongue all over, letting her saliva drip after she had finished. She then took my penis inside her mouth, slowly but surely getting everything until her lips reached my pubic hair. She looked up at me seductively and swallowed. I could feel the insides of her mouth tightening as I knew I was deep in her throat. She then moved her head up and down while she massaged my balls. I could hear her make yummy slurping sounds as she gave me a blowjob.

"Oh shit, Kathy, I'm coming.... Wait, wait, shi...

Sexy Love Part III

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Kathy was leaning on the trunk of my '98 Lancer. Cigarette in hand, she was just staring into space. I can just imagine the thoughts running through her brain.

"Oh my God, what a complete perv. I mean, come on! We're cousins! Eew! Fuck Mike! Fuck this country and fuck everybody!"

I took a deep breath and approached her. I leaned on the space beside her and lit a cigarette. I mean, what do men do in these situations? Really? Should i say sorry? Should i just jump in the car and drive off? Should I...

"Let's go." she said, as if she could read my mind. "Don't ditch your stick, I want to smoke in the car."

"Okay." Yup, that's me, master conversationalist. Mr. Smooth at your service.

"Where can I drop you off?" I asked as i turned the key.

"If it's ok with you, I want to hang at your place. I want to completely sober up first before going home."

"No problem."

What followed was probably the longest 28 minutes if my life. 28 minutes. Yes, I checked. Looking at my stereo's clock gave me something to do to amuse myself. Kathy was quiet the whole time.

At my unit, I opened the lights and the aircon and asked if she wanted some water. She nodded and sat herself on the couch and brought out her phone. I poured her a glass and sat on the couch beside her. I was about to go on one of my famous "silent waters run deep" moments when a sound came from her phone. She adjusted the volume unt...

Sexy Love Part II

Submitted by on August 28, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Kathy was in her element. I gave myself an imaginary pat on the back. You can't go wrong with RnB nights. I was on my 3rd glass of vodka 7 while she already had four glasses of rum coke. I watched as she glided across the dance floor, her rhythm impeccable and her body commanding attention. She'd raise her hands while nodding her head in time with the beat. I watched how guys would try to strike up conversations with her and how she'd refuse with a short shake of her head and her sweet smile.

She looked hot. There, I said it. I found my cousin hot.

I shifted in my seat to give my erection breathing room. I look up and see Kathy looking at me with a fake confused look on her face. I raise my glass at her and give her a wink. She stuck her tongue out playfully in reply before pointing to the rest room. I nodded and took a sip. Okay, she's not only hot but cute as hell, as well. 

A few minutes later, she slid on the sofa and sat beside me.  

"Kuyaaaa, let's dance! Don't be such a wallflower! Hahahaha!" she said as she hugged my right arm, once again letting me feel her boobs. 

"No way!" I replied as I raised my glass, "maybe after a dozen of these. Maybe!" 

As if on cue, a waiter appeared and placed four shots of tequila on the table. I looked at her and laughed.

She played innocent and said, "Don't look at me! Hahahaha! But since it's here, might as well, right? On three. One, two, three!"


Sexy Love Part I

Submitted by on August 28, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Hey there! I previously posted this story on another site under another username. Hope you guys like it. :)


"She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up."

My phone was ringing. It was my mom.

"Hi, Ma, what's up?"

"Mike, are you busy tonight?" mom asked.

"Um, not really, just planning to go online and play some basketball."

"You know, you've been spending too much time on your PS3. James says your Meralco bill is up from last month."

"That's because James opens the aircon at 6:00 PM and closes it at 7:30 AM. Plus, he spends most of his time here in front of the PC." I answered.

"We gave you and your brother that condo so you can learn to be responsible and since you're older, you should lay down the ground rules. Besides, James needs the computer for his studies."

Mom was right. I have been too lax with James. Mental note: Talk to James.

"Ok, I'll have a chat with him. Anyway, what's happening tonight?"

"Katkat, as you know, has been in Manila for a week now but hasn't gone out to enjoy herself. I'd ask James but he has a retreat in Antipolo. If you remember, your Tita baby was the one who drove us around when we were in San Diego last year. We should return the favor and take her daughter out while she's here."

Hmm... Online NBA 2K13 or a few drinks with the cousin I last saw w...

Tulungan Mo Naman Ako Anak (Mga Kwento ni Momi Ana) Ep. 13

Submitted by on September 26, 2014 (3 years ago)
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TULUNGAN MO NAMAN AKO ANAK (Ang Mga Kwento ni Momi Ana)
Episode 13

Linggo ng umaga, nakaupo si Bert sa kanyang kama at nagsasalsal.

“Ahhhhh! Putangina! Bakit ba ayaw akong labasan?!” Ani Bert sa sarili habang panay ang pagtaas baba ng kanyang kamay sa tarugong bahagya lamang ang katigasan.

“Kahapon pa masakit puson ko dito sa blue balls na to!” panggigil niya sa kaniyang tarugo na halos bahagya lamang ang sensasyong nararamdaman mula sa kanyang palad.

*Tok… Tok… Tok…* nang biglang may kumatok sa pintuan ni Bert. “Tay, handa ka na po ba?” Ang boses ni May na galing sa kabilang dako ng pintuan.

Kailangan kasi ulit bigyan ng prostate massage ni May si Bert dahil kasama sa bilin ng doctor ay napakahalaga ng unang ihi sa umaga para mailabas ang mga dumi sa katawan. Alam ito ni Bert at gusto sana niya na labasan muna siya para bumaba ng kaunti ang katigasan ng kanyang tarugo at maibsan ang pagkasakit ng kanyang puson dahil sa naipong tamod doon.

“Ah sige anak, lalabas na ako.” Ang walang magawang naisagot ni Bert at saka ito nagayos ng sarili upang magtungo muli sa dakong malapit sa banyo nila. Nagpatong na lamang si Bert ng tuwalya sa kanyang mga binti upang matakpan ang “tent” na nagawa sa kanyang shorts.

Pagkalapit ni Bert sa nakahandang folding bed ay napansin niyang may hiwa na ang nylon nito sa may gitnang parte at mayroon ng maliit...

Tulungan Mo Naman Ako Anak (Mga Kwento ni Momi Ana) Ep. 12

Submitted by on September 16, 2014 (3 years ago)
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TULUNGAN MO NAMAN AKO ANAK (Ang Mga Kwento ni Momi Ana)
Episode 12

“Tay! Handa na po ang pampaligo niyo!” Sigaw ni May sa tatay habang siya’y papalabas ng banyo. Suot niya na lamang ay ang pambahay niyang t-shirt at board shorts dahil sa puro gawaing pambahay ang kaniyang balak gawin sa araw ng Sabado na iyon.

Ilang sandali lang at dumating na rin si Bert na lulan ng kanyang wheelchair. Nakapatong ang tuwalya at damit nitong pampalit sa kanyang kandungan. “Salamat ‘nak.” Sabi nito nang makasalubong si May.

“Wala pong anuman tay. Ayusin ko lang po yung luma nating folding bed diyan na plastic para po masahihin ko iyang likod niyo pagkatapos niyo pong maligo.” Ang sabi naman ni May.

Mejo tuliro pa rin si May habang inaayos ang folding bed malapit sa banyo ng kanilang bahay. Naglabas rin si May ng baby oil at saka mga tuwalya.

Mga ilang minuto pa’y lumabas na si Bert na bagong ligo mula sa banyo. “Huy!” Panggulat nitong sambit sa anak nang mapansin nitong nakaupo ng tulala si May sa folding bed.

“Ay! Ano ba yan tay!” Gulat namang sigaw ni May sabay palo sa balikat ng ama.

“Hahahaha! Eh nakatulala ka kasi diyan eh. Inaantok ka pa rin yata. Gusto mo mamaya mo nalang ako masahehin at magpahinga ka muna. ” Ang tumatawang sagot ni Bert sa anak. “Pwede rin namang tumawag nalang tayo ng ibang gagawa niyan.” Dagdag pa nito.


Maan - Unang SARAP 2

Submitted by on April 2, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Part 2

Lumipas ang isang linggo at hindi nagpuntang muli sina Montie at Nelson. Parang hinahanap-hanap ko rin ang mga ginagawa namin bukod lang doon sa pagpasok ni Montie dahil masakit talaga iyon.
Hindi na rin kasi nababakante ang aming bahay dahil nagkaroon na kami ng labandera. Tuwing tanghali hanggang hapon ay naglalaba siya kung matatapos man siya ay malapit na dumating galing sa opisina ang aking mga magulang.
Isang araw ay lumabas ako ng bandang alas kwatro ng hapon. Nakaupo ako sa may labas ng bahay namin. Tinawag ako ni Montie.
"Maan! Tulungan mo naman ako magtiklop ng damit. Konti lang naman eh."
"Sige, wala naman ako magawa dito eh."
Pumasok na ako sa bahay nila at kami ay umakyat sa taas kung saan nandoon ang mga damit. Luma at madilim ang kanilang bahay dahil na rin laging nakasara ang mga bintana. Wala palang tao sa kanilang mga bahay nun dahil siya lang ang naiwan, si Nelson ay nasa labuyan daw ito.
Naupo na ako sa may sofa nila sa taas at nagsimula na tanggalin ang ilang mga damit sa hanger. Sabi niya ay maliligo muna siya kaya pumasok siya sa kwarto para maghubad ng damit. Nagtapis lang siya nun at lumabas ng kwarto. Napansin ko agad na matigas na ang kanyang titi dahil nakatukod na ang twalya nun. Lumapit siya kung saan ako naroon at tumulong sa pagtitiklop ng damit. Hindi ko maalis ang paningin ko sa titi niyang nakaumbok na, parang gusto ko na hawakan at isubo pero hinihintay ko na iutos niya ito.
Ilang minuto...

Pinsan ni Tina

Submitted by on February 5, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Ito ay isang kathang isip lamang at naisulat sa tulong ng isang kaibigan na may malikot na imahinasyon.

Mula ng umalis ang yaya nila Caloy at Tina ay wala pa silang nakukuhang kapalit.  So balik na naman sila sa dating setup na pagdating ng kung sino man sa kanilang mag asawa ay aalis at uuwi ang biyenan o nanay niya kung sino man ang available na mag aalaga sa anak nila.

MInsan isang gabi pag-uwi ni Caloy galing sa trabaho ay may dinatnan syang kausap si Tina sa sala nila.  Pinakilala ni Tina si Ana, pinsan nya at pansamantalang titira sa kanila habang inaasikaso ang papeles papuntang South Korea.  Sabi ni Tina ay second cousin daw nya at lumaki ito sa Mindanao.   Makinis ang balat, malinis sa pananamit, open faced na mukhang masayahin.  Tumayo ito at bumati sa kanya at tinawag syang Kuya.   Sa pananamit ay parang tomboyish ang dating, naka maong pants at t-shirt na ordinaryo, mabilog ang katawang,  medyo malapad ang balakang at nakatali ng simple ang buhok.  Pansin agad ni Caloy na malulusog ang suso nito.

Doon sa isang kwarto muna nila ito pinatuloy na dating tinutulugan ni Yaya Marie.

Kinagabihan, nagkwento si Tina ng buhay ni Ana habang nakahiga sila.  Nalaman nya na hiwalay ito sa asawa at may dalawang anak.  Inihabilin ang mga anak sa biyenan nito na nasa Davao at nagpasya itong magsubok na magtrabaho sa ibang bansa para din matustusan ang pangangailangan ng mga a...