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My ODDyssey chapter 4 part 2 of almost a broken frame

Submitted by on February 7, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Jade and Li dropped me off my house after school. "Hello sweetheart" Mum said as we hugged "theres a very beautiful surprise waiting for you in your room" "mum what is it?" I asked thinking it was another apparel or a new gadget "sweetheart it won't be a surprise if I tell you, now get upstairs and freshen up quick for dinner, I making one of your favorites" Mum said and winked at me. I hurriedly went up the stairs to my room. I slowly open the door with my heart racing and feeling so fucking strange with an incredible adrenaline rush, and happy chemicals partying in my brain, the same feeling I have whenever...

"Hey sweetie" I murmured as I close my bedroom door, feeling so enthralled seeing my lovely Ace sitting on my bed, just like the first time we spent the night together, still in our school uniform, shoes off, black thigh high stockings and slightly raised skirt only thing is she may look cute and sultry but still poker faced and just stared at me not saying a word. "Uhm so when did you arrive, mum and dad will be leaving either before or after dinner, sooo do you want to sleep here tonight? with me?" I said stuttering a little, feeling the coldness of her stare "I-I uh we missed you, uhm I missed you, so much."

Ace stood up and slowly walked towards me, removing her jacket and dropping it on the rug, her stare a wee bit feral, then she began unbuttoning her shirt. She pushed me gently against the door and kissed me, sucking my...