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Closet Stories: Chaz (Slave Me)

Submitted by on June 24, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Closet Stories: Chaz (Slave Me)“Uhhh…ahhh…hahhh….fuck…fuck…fuck me more!”

“Um! Um! Damn Chaz…never realized your wife is this good a fuck!

“H-hon…are you alright?”


I work as a call center agent in a foreign-based company for five years now. Although the pay the good and the benefits are stable enough to raise a family of four, I guess at this point it is not enough it seems - in my wife’s point of view at least. She believes that I should have been promoted two years ago just like she did (she works as an advertising supervisor).

Dinah, my wife, keeps nagging me about not being assertive enough to further my career. And this nagging of hers has become a ritual that I was finally fed up in the end. I just told her sarcastically that I will just have to lick my boss’s ass so that I could get the promotion she wanted.

But my wife had other plans. She just made me promise not to do anything stupid and violent so I will not lose my job and ruin my marriage.

Friday night. I was surprised as I arrive from home; the lights were off in the living room. In fact, the lighting in the house were all turned off. I was worried sick that something might have happened. I was about to call the police hotline when I heard laughter in the backyard.

“Honey…are you there?”

Walking briskly, I was surprised when I saw Dinah together with Mr. Edward Sweet...