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Submitted by on May 27, 2016 (1 year ago)
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I have a boyfriend but I'm also in a relationship with a married man. My fantasy is to have them both in bed but I don't think it will ever happen.haha. But I do fuck them both, my boyfriend is the gentle loving type while my married lover is the rough and passionate type. I met my boyfriend in College pero after graduation na naging kami, 3 years na kmi now and we are both 26. Si married lover naman is 35 years old with 2 kids. I met him sa isang tech group on Facebook, nagsimula sa chatting until later on naging flirtatious na, we decided to meet after about 5 to 6 months chatting, that time we already have mutual feelings for each other.

I'm attracted to him kasi he's very smart and mayabang haha. Kakaiba ang dating nya sakin, prang may kuryente, he's fit and basta ang hot ng dating nya. For a married guy, he looks good, hindi haggard! So we decided to meet, sa Paranaque, ang layo ng byahe ko from Marikina pko haha pero dahil nagtatago sympre sa malayo.. I admit, there was a sense of thrill kaya ako sobrang kinakabahan at hindi na nakakapag isip ng tama. Undeniable ang attraction namin sa isa't isa the first time we saw each other, sinundo nya ako sa isang mall and while stuck in traffic, we talked. Parang ang tagal na namin magkakilala.. Nakakatawa sha, he has a really good sense of humor and kapag may tumatawag sa phone nya agad nya itong ni rereject because of me being in the car.

That day may kelangan lang sha daanan sa office para maiuwi nya yu...

My Confessions: In Appreciation

Submitted by on July 30, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I was so glad that I got a high grade on my paper work. Thanks to Philip though, it was his masterpiece. Damn, that kid is really something. He just finished it in hours and still got a high remarks. I was very impressed. I was very thankful. And for that, he deserves a 'prize'.

Back then, I was living with my Auntie at her place in Mandaluyong, together with my older sister. My auntie Luth doesn't have a family that's why she's a little rugged and strict. She always got that “Ms. Minchin” look on her face, but she's sweet, at times.

My sister and I were roommates. That time, I knew that she was going out, perfect timing for me to make the deed with Philip. So I texted him to come over to have dinner. I prepared and wore something seductive. A white spaghetti tank top, thin brown satin shorts, purple lace push up bra and purple lace panties as well. I also used a strawberry-flavored body butter, to make his inner senses go insane. It'll be a heaven-of-a-night for this young man indeed.

We were about to eat when he arrived. I fetched him at the gate and accompanied him inside...

“Hello po, good evening!”, he greeted my auntie and my sister.

“Auntie, classmate ko po, si Philip.”, I quickly followed through.

“Oh, good evening iho. Upo ka. Sakto dating mo ah.”, auntie Luth said.

“Kain na tayo, sabay ka na samen.”, my sister greeted.


My Confessions: This is ME

Submitted by on July 28, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Many have requested to share my “own” stories here on FSS. I've been thinking about what to share first. So, I went back to memory lane alley and have thought of one story about an experience with a nerdy schoolmate in college. It's kinda short but I will share it anyway.

But first, let me tell you something about myself. You guys can call me, 'Dy'. This will be my screen name here on FSS. I'm 27, birth month is November, zodiac sign is Scorpio. Yes, you know what they say about Scorpios, haha! Vitals, 34C-25-36, 5'7” tall. Numbers don't lie, btw. White skin complexion, long black hair with brown highlights. I'm mestiza, my dad has Spanish DNA. Almond eyes with round thin eyebrows, straight-edged nose, diamond-shaped close point lips.

I reside in QC, living on my own for 5 years now. Hometown is Bulacan. I have a BSBA college degree, alumni of a prestige school, located in Pasig city. I'm working as an Sales/Ops Manager for my dad. He runs an Iron and Steel business. You thought working for my dad is easy, you're wrong, he's a tough boss. Business is strictly business for him. But in other aspects though, he's a cool and understanding father. I have 3 siblings, 2 boys and a girl. I'm third to the youngest. My two eldest siblings have their own families now.

I'm very much single but seeing someone right now. We're date buds, but of course, you wouldn't think anyth...

Sex Submissions Series: Dark Alley

Submitted by on June 18, 2014 (3 years ago)
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(Sex Submissions are fictional stories created only to feed the mind of the readers. These are stories which ordinary men meet exxxtraordinary women, forced/submitted to the Gods of lust, and/or vice versa. So, just sit back, relax, enjoy reading and fap away!)


The sky was rumbling. Flares of lightning can be seen on where I was heading. Tangina, uulan nanaman ng malakas, pero buti na lang at may dala akong payong. But I hated the fact that I was traveling home late kasi galing akong mall, nagshopping, because it was an end-of-season sale. Gladly though, nakasakay ako kaagad ng FX pauwi samin, sa Pasig, at hindi nako pumila ng matagal.

It was a toxic day, prior to that, especially when you're working in a bank on a payday. People tend to pay their bills or transact at banks more often on paydays than regular working days. Nag-overtime nanaman ako noong time na iyon, just to finish my auditing for the day. So, para mapawi ang aking pagod, sumaglit muna ako sa mall to unwind and reward myself. And since sweldo, medyo napatagal ako kakapamili, that led me to going home at around 11PM.

Nung nakarating sa may bandang Pasig palengke ang aking sinasakyang FX, biglang bumuhos ang malakas na ulan. It was like raining cats and dogs, with thunder and lightning to go along with it. It was scary, if you ask me. I should have had taken a cab, pero dahil nag-sale ang mall na pinunt...

Ladies' Confessions Series: Different Approach

Submitted by on May 28, 2014 (3 years ago)
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“Uhhhmmmp...”, damn, I couldn't get it out of my mind. “Aaaahhhh...”, my own moans were haunting me. “Oooohhhh...”, fuck Alvin, what the hell did he do to me?! I was still thinking of the encounter we had. I should be thinking of what alibi or excuse or apologetic approach I should be giving my boyfriend, Julius, for the mishap I did. Should I tell the truth or not? If I did tell him that I fucked a stranger, he would go berserk and could be a recipe for disaster. Should I play safe? That would be ideal but I didn't know how long my conscience would hold up. It could give me sleepless nights. God, what have I done!

There I was, sitting with my other friends while I waited for Julius to arrive. Alvin, however, sat down on another table, with the other guys. Couldn't even look at him, after what happened between us. That “macho” feeling he might had after banging some other guy's girlfriend. His ego might have boosted his douche-ness. Ugh, I despised it! Oh well, I couldn't blame him though. I submitted. I put down my guard. I just accepted whatever gut-wrenching feeling I was experiencing.

“Huy, Lisa! Ok lang?”, my friend, Ishii asked me.

“Ou, ok lang ako.”, I said.

“Kanina ka pa kasi hindi nagsasalita diyan. What's up?”, Nix followed.

“Susunduin na kasi ako ni Julius. Hindi ko alam sasabihin ko.”, worriedly told them.


Ladies' Confessions Series: Breaking Rules

Submitted by on May 9, 2014 (4 years ago)
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It was passed 10 in the evening, month of September, Friday, was still thinking if I would go out with my friends that night. Time; back when I was in 3rd year college. Setting; my friend was inviting me for a drinking-party-night because it was her boyfriend's birthday . Status; I was in a long-time serious relationship back then (now my ex, apparently). Problem; was having a hard time on what alibi would I tell my boyfriend, because he wouldn't let me go out if I told him the truth.

We were entering our 4th year of being lovers back then, me and Julius. It was a great relationship. We were both passionately in love with each other. We attended the same school, same course, even have the same schedules. We were always together, 6 days a week, day in, night out. Even after he drops me off at our house, he always calls me immediately, just to let me know that how he misses me right away. That was how we were, we had so much affection for each other. We were deeply committed to our relationship, too much, that it actually created our own world. Felt like I've been pulled away from my friends and family, my time was always dedicated for him alone. Felt like our relationship was suffocating me, that I couldn't even go out and have fun on my own.

Prior to that night, my friend, Dee, was nagging me to come at his boyfriend's birthday party. He warned me not to tell Julius about it because she knows that he wouldn't allow me. I really wanted to go out with my f...

Ladies' Confessions Series: End Game

Submitted by on May 5, 2014 (4 years ago)
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I was having this affair with Mike for almost 3 months that time. We have been doing the sinful deed everywhere we wanted to. That's how he was satisfying me. A thing that my husband couldn't provide. I've been a slave for Mike because of that. Our secret affair was going smoothly up to that point, until that one single night came, when the realization of my dishonest life was finally revealed.

A start of a new week, Sunday, me, my husband, my daughter and her yaya were in a mall, strolling. Hubby opened up about his trip in Macau, that coming Friday, with his colleagues, as a part of a large project coming up for their company. Hubby, together with his friends, will be the POC's for the local-based operations there. It's a big project that he really wanted over the years. And it was just finalized by the board of members that time. He'll be out of the country for a week, then will go back to Macau after a month and stay there for almost a year. Hubby said that he'll be coming home every once in a while but just for a few days or so.

I suddenly thought of Mike, on how we can continue our affair, without any limitations whatsoever. Part of me was sad because hubby will be leaving for a while, but majority of it was excited, thinking about the endless pleasurable moments I can do with Mike. Bad thought, bad girl, bad wife, indeed.

As the week progressed, I was more excited of my hubby leaving than feeling otherwise. Of course I was showing the o...

Ladies' Confessions Series: Unfaithful Wife

Submitted by on May 4, 2014 (4 years ago)
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A misdemeanor that started before I got married, followed by an unexpected incident in the car, has become a secret affair. A guy, who used to be my ex, who used to be one of my husband's groomsman, became my fuck buddy. This is another story of my sinful married life. A risky move which I took, letting my body control me, not thinking the consequences, hence, let the temptation and pleasure fed on my good side.

Just a quick catch-up after the car incident though. Mike and I became text buddies. Mostly talked about the night that we had. We also had some intimate phone calls, that led to playing with myself. That was how I felt for him that time. The itchiness that he gave me was baffling. I felt bad for my husband though, because I didn't feel the same way with him. Fortunately for me, he doesn't check my phone, ever, left me with a free secret continuing communication with Mike. I was hoping that he will never find out.

Monday, and it was a typical busy day in the office. People were occupied, including myself, because of the workload the was left before the weekend started. Passed 9 in the morning when I received a text message from Mike.

Mike: Hey, sexy. Good morning! How are you?
Me: Hi! Dito nako sa office. Been busy for a while. Ikaw? Good morning, btw.
Mike: Ah, okay. I'm just here near the area. May kakausapin lang akong tao then probably drop by at your office?
Me: Huh?! What?! Gago ka ba...

Ladies' Confessions Series: Turning Point

Submitted by on May 3, 2014 (4 years ago)
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It has been 2 and a half years since I married the love of my life. Also the same time when my ex and I had an intimate affair, moments before I stepped into the Church to take my vows. I won't forget that day, a guilty pleasure, couldn't-resist-temptation kind of thing. A lot has changed though. My relationship with my hubby went strong through the year. I bore a beautiful girl, which became our symbol of love and affection to each other. We were able to bought our own house, thanks to my husband's hard work and dedication. I was also promoted in the managerial position, at a private company in Makati. We were having a normal, peaceful and prosperous year until that one single day, one single mishap, one turning point of my life, that changed everything.

Payday Friday, it was. On my home to QC, from Makati, traffic was horrible in C5. Rush hour, around 8 in the evening. Been stuck there for ages! My phone suddenly rang, and it was my husband.

“Hi, Hun!”, as I answered his call.

“Hey, Hun! San ka na?”, he asked.

“Nandito pa din sa C5. Grabe! Ang traffic, sobra!”, in my tiredly voice.

“Ah talaga? Sana nagpagabi ka na lang muna sa offce.”, he said.

“Eh, hindi ko na naisip kasi wala naman din akong gagawin doon.”

“Hm, okay. Anyway, I'll be going out with Chris and JJ later. Konting drinks lang, kasi nagkayayaan, celebrate daw namin y...

Ladies' Confessions Series: The Groomsman

Submitted by on May 1, 2014 (4 years ago)
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“Ok, Kristine, tingin lang sa bintana.”, the photographer said as I posed for the camera.

It was two o'clock in the afternoon, Sunday, month of June. The weather was an overcast, mostly cloudy but it wasn't raining. I can view the Makati skyline from the window. I can hear the voices of my friends and relatives from the other room. It was filled with excitement and a bit of chaos as they prepare themselves. It was a special day for me. It was my wedding day.

“Good shot! Pakitaas lang po ng flower ng konti and look to the camera.”, he instructed.

The bouquet was perfect! The flowers were arranged beautifully, mixed colors and vanilla-flavored scented. It was so lovely!

“Carla, pakiaayos naman yung gown ni Ms. Kristine.”, the photographer said to his assistant.

She repositioned the veil and spread the long skirt & train of my wedding gown. It was an A-line type gown, the design was simple but it's very elegant. The fabric used for it was very comforting, making it expensive. The strapless neckline cut was perfect for my thin arms and shoulders. The tight bodice made it fitting for my 34b chest, flaunting my cleavage. Thanks to my closest friends, they were my advisers in choosing the excellent gown that best fits my body contour.

“Paul, paki gawi nga sa kanan yung lighting. Thanks! Ok, set po, Ms. Kristine. Tingin lang sa camera.”, as I continued to smile....

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