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Submitted by on December 2, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

A girl named Yvonne added in me in facebook a few days ago. She saw my comment in one radio station post for a concert ticket raffle, i sadly lost. She added me that same day, i was afraid to add her thinking she was a "catfish". She was cute with her picture,  a smile in her face wearing a white long shirt probably for sleeping.

It took me 3 days before i decided to add her. We started a conversation as soon as i added her. she lives a few blocks away from where i live and she was single. I was confused at first not knowing what to do wth the information given, she could just be a real Yvonne or a Catfish.

We flirted through chat and through Ym until that faithful night. We decided to meet in ministop..
I was not sure she will come and i was not sure if i am prepared to see what i will see..

What i saw was........