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Closet Stories: Gabbi (Maaasahan si Ban)

Submitted by on April 8, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Househelp these days is difficult to find.

I belong to a middle-class family who believe that hard work is the main key to success. Working as a college instructor in Laguna, I rose from the ranks which led to a one-year consultancy job in a prominent university in Thailand where the salary and honorarium I receive in a month is equivalent to a year’s work in the Philippines. Since opportunity knocks only once, I grabbed the chance. Of course I asked permission of my husband and children (now young adults) and gave their yes.

Isa sa mga benepisyong binigay ng university as academic consultant sa Thailand ay libreng pabahay malapit sa university. Ang unang linggong paninirahan ko ay medyo maayos pa pero habang dumadaan ang araw ay pahirap nang pahirap ito dahil sa dumadaming tatapusin na trabaho kaya hirap na rin akong i-balanse ang oras ko sa pagpapanatiling maayos ang bahay at mga kakailanganing tapusin sa trabaho.

Medyo matagal din akong naghanap ng kasambahay sa mga ahensiya na nakapaskil sa diyaryo at internet hanggang sa inirekomenda sa akin ng isang ahensiya na kunin ko si Ban, isang 20-anyos na babaeng Thai. Pinili ko siya dahil nagsilbi na siya dati sa mga taong abala sa trabaho.

Ban stands at 4’5”, with a 34-24-34 figure. She could even be mistaken for a Pinoy if she doesn’t speak her native language. Polite, trustworthy, industrious --- she is an employer’s dream to have in the house.

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Closet Stories: Norah (Emancipated Woman) 2

Submitted by on December 27, 2014 (3 years ago)
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“I’ll taste your pussy now, ma'am …” he whispered as he massages and pinches my nipples, as if I had a choice here.

Staring at the ceiling, I felt his wet tongue sliding inside and out of my slit which caused me to moan, or at least trying to moan because of the chemical that I inhaled. I was like a rag doll or a large sex mannequin at that point. I was really surpised how those passengers didn’t notice what was happening despite of the commotion and noise caused by the stranger’s lapping at my moist cunt. My eyes really turned upwards from his licking of my pussy which, though I hate to admit, was beginning to feel really good. If could only move my hands and push his face forward so he could go in deeper but as it was, I couldn’t do anything about it.

It was my first time being muffed.My husband doesn’t do this to me. I didn’t realize how good this felt. A few minutes later a warm feeling began to build up inside my tummy until I felt something exploding, coming out my pussy. Then another one and another one until I learned that it was my first experience of having multiple orgasms. I didn’t know how many times I came but what I know is that after a few moments my legs were shaking from the intense orgasm. I tried to plead that he stop now but it was useless until I saw him stood up and smiled which made sigh from relief.

I thought he was done pleasing me when he stood up and pulled my legs as...

Closet Stories: Norah (Emancipated Woman)

Submitted by on December 26, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I am a 40 year old Filipino bank teller here in Amsterdam. After marrying a Dutch businessman, we transferred to my husband’s country, raised a family, and became a mother to two teenage kids.

But as the saying goes, some good things never last. I don’t know if my husband and I have outgrown each other in terms of love but somewhere in our relationship we just felt that its time to move on with our lives and now our papers are in the process of finalizing our separation. At least we parted ways as friends.

We live now in separate houses, the kids alternately stay with me and their dad. Though I get time to spend with them some bonding moments, they just decided that it’s better for them to spend more time with their dad, which is totally ok with me because my ex-husband needs more bonding with my kids.

I now live in Utrecht which is quite far from my working site in Amsterdam. Though I have a decent car to use, I have to call my resident mechanic that day because it won’t start so I have to ride a bus for the meantime.

After a day’s work, I went to the waiting shed and waited for the bus to arrive. It was already 6:00 in the evening when it arrived.

The bus was nearly empty; there were only fifteen to twenty passengers when I hitched the bus. The passengers, sitting in gaps, were oblivious to the people or to the surroundings as they were busy doing their own business. I was hoping to get the front seat but...