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camfrog chatmate encounter

Submitted by on April 28, 2014 (4 years ago)
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It was a tuesday... around 4am.
I was chatting with with an FB friend who happens to be working in abs-cbn.  A company I used to work for.

While we where chatting I told her I that I "liked" the groups she was "in" at fb. 
The likes of  "LAHAT NG MALIBOG SUMIGAW!!", "NID`ka`SEX`wlang`hiyaan" and "sop,sexmate,seb, callmate  at globe user come and join"...

Then she replied that they where boring. And so I suggested to her two of the goups I was currently active on " I said". And copy pasted these:
http: // www.filipinosexstories.com
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Then, I continied to tell he that,  "there's a chat forum there plus, camfrog.com
you may want to install the app and then chat with pinoys here and abroad. their both active". 
I said.

"Ill try them. Maybe tom" she hesistatly replied.
Please do, I told her and then she replied by saying "seems to be interesting huh".

"Why did you say, it seems to be  interesting?" I asked.
Then she replied "from the title itself. though i didnt open the link yet.
Im just using a mobile now."

I followed by typing "you may chat naman sa mobile sa camfrog"
"Maybe tom. Ill try it" she replied.

As a last note I said "sure. just buzz me up so i can add you up."
And my conjucture was - "sleep ka...