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Bus Ride

Submitted by on November 26, 2013 (4 years ago)
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In ten minutes, the bus was scheduled to leave. Sitting contently by herself, Mica was pleased that the chair next to her appears to be vacant.

Hay salamat. Minsan lang ako makatiyempo na walang katabi. She thought to herself.

Taking advantage of the long weekend, she had decided to go back home to visit her parents. The trip to Legazpi City will take approximately 8 hours. Having no one beside her makes it easier for her to twist and turn as sleeps through the night.

She stares outside blankly, watching the chaos outside. Some passengers struggled with their luggage and cartons, others scrambled to find the buses they were taking. She could not hear them from inside the air-conditioned bus. Instead, she hears the constant chatter around her. Hearing, but not understanding.

“Excuse me.” Bingi yata itong babae na ito! Sayang, maganda pa naman sana.

Mica finally realized someone was talking to her. Glancing to her left, she sees a handsome man standing and looking at her.

“Miss, ito ang seat ko. Yung jacket mo…” Salamat naman at narinig mo rin ako. Kung hindi ka lang maganda, sigawan na kita at kanina pa kita tinatawag!

Without saying a word, Mica picked up her jacket and covered herself. Sayang, akala ko wala akong katabi. Meron pala. Buti na lang at may itsura naman. Mukhang safe naman katabi.

His name is Rick. Like Mica, he is also a college student. He is going to Legazpi City...