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Hurting the Orchid

Submitted by on February 8, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Hurting the OrchidI've been here for awhile and I wanted to vent out what I feel. I thought that chatting here would be fun for me, however it made my life miserable. I have been bullied alot of times with old men who pretends to be younger. I found them unexpectedly in Facebook. They have pictures here when they are 20 years younger then they have wrinkles and look fat and old in FB. Then, I knew that they are just an old men that pretends to be perfect. They will act choosy and brag, yet you don't deserve them because they act like they think they are God and bullied someone who doesn't know the truth about them. They didn't know that they look like a trash, like their attitude. I found myself just so contented with what I'm doing right now. Just reading the stories in this site instead than chatting. They are territorial, they want the attentions of men to focus on them, not the newbies. They, will manipulate the men to bully the ones they think who stole the attention they want. The old men would also follow or else , tolerate the fact that its bullying already. They will make excuses that its not bullying or discriminating. It would be you don't know how to play with them or the art of chatting. Excuses that they will call you "pikon", and you don't know how to take control. Excuses that your not their type that's why they will crashed you with their bullying. Bullies will make excuses. They will think you are stupid enough why you let yourself get bullied by them. They will find excuses...