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Submitted by on November 2, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Sadya nga bang nakapagtataka?
Na ang pag-ibig ay nangawala?
Ngunit ang katotohanan ay ganap na,
Pag-ibig sayo'y naglahong parang bula.

Tanungin man ako, di ko alam-
Hindi rin masasagot ng agham;
Hindi matatapos ang iyong agam-agam;
Sa akin nawa'y huwag kang masusuklam.

Oo nung tayo'y nagmamahalan,
Ang sumpa nati'y magpakaylanman.
Ngunit nangyari nga na kita'y iniwan,
Sa hindi ko din malaman na dahilan.

Tangi ko lamang hiling sa twina,
Ako'y maintindihan mo sinta;
Na kung sakali mang tayo'y magkita pa,
Pagkakaibigan nati'y di nasira.

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Submitted by on November 14, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I fell very hard on the floor,
On the day you walked out the door
Without knowing the real score,
You've burned me to my very core.

I've broken down to pieces then,
Asked myself to move if I can-
I know I can but don't know when,
Pretty soon I've lost who I am.

I've been scattered far apart,
Nothing was left of my poor heart.
Hence I just don't know how to start-
Even if I had asked Descartes.

And then a light shone upon me,
Looking at it and I did see-
There is something beyond to be,
But I know there's no guarantee.

Picking up the pieces one by one,
Maybe I should go for the run-
Coz after things were said and done,
It'll be great to know I had won....

Stuck in a Stupid Love

Submitted by on November 4, 2014 (3 years ago)
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How to move on?

We often hear or maybe ask this damn question everytime we or the people around us,have fresh cuts.Simpler term?We often hear this question from a person who got his/her heart broken.Yes?

Okay.So,here's the thing.I have these two good friends of mine who are stuck on their feet and can't really move at all,even though their jerk-and-stupid-of-a-boyfriends put a crap on their heads a very long time ago.And i'm hating it because they keep bugging me and they are overreacting everytime they hear a thing 'bout their dummy exes.

They goes like:
Oh my gosh!I saw him and he called me!And I thought I moved on already!Turns out,I'm still messed up!How could I possibly move on!?"
And i was like:
Damn,girl.Get over that stupid thing!Find a freakin' rebound!Say 'Hi!' to new guys!

Okay.I know I sounded so bad there.But hey,I can't tell them to wait for the time,'coz it takes time to heal all wounds.Yes,I know the words were overused.But seriously,my friends are nuts!Time and space are not applicable to them.They'll just cry and reminisce,for sure.The memories of their past.I think,it's the 'memories' that they're after.Memories about their sick love stories.Memories,it's the thing,right?I think,it's the big deal.

Okay.So,what do we do to forget those memories?I mean,not totally forget everything.They'll just gonna replace the past with the better and new one.R...

Midnight Calls

Submitted by on November 2, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Do you still remember that time when you called?

That night when your heart got broke?

When she told you things which caused your fall

Saying she don't want you no more

If you could remember that night you called

You told me things which crushed my hopes

Said you love her and she's your all

Baby,don't you know that I can make you whole?

I'm the only one who can take your midnight calls

Listened to your faint cries and broken voice

Made me feel things I can never told

How I hated myself for I took your calls

But I knew I'd hate myself more if I ain't gonna take

Your midnight calls...