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Adventures of Myk: The Conference Organizer

Submitted by on August 19, 2016 (1 year ago)
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The Conference Organizer

Just last year, I had a nice tryst with this cute 28-year-old Brit conference organizer. Tall (maybe around 5'8" based on our height difference) creamy skin, nice shapely butt, big boobs (them hooters were at least 38D's!). Basically the usual Brit physique which is big boned and not skinny but also very tall and shapely.

It was her company’s first time organizing a conference in the Philippines and they were having a bit of a hard time with local contacts. I happily obliged to assist when they approached me. I even agreed to head one of their sessions - which earned me a nice per diem and free stay at the same 5-star hotel where the conference was being held.

I assisted them with the conference agenda and getting them in touch with key people in the industry so they can make an interesting conference and get some end-user traction.

We had gotten quite close by the time the conference ended and, during the conference's closing night, she invited me to grab celebratory drinks. I of course, accepted.

The bar was quite full and the only place to sit was by the bar where the only seats were high stools that were quite close together. This made us bump into each other quite often and as the night progressed and the alcohol in our system increased, I noticed that her foot seemed to bump into mine more and more. But then I notice that there was also a rhythm and method to the bumping...