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A Letter from My Confused Bride

Submitted by on December 2, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Dear Honey,

By the time you read this message I am long gone, maybe in a small town or maybe overseas. The point is, I want to be alone for a while.

I know the wedding’s tomorrow but I won’t forgive myself if I will go through with the ceremony, knowing that deep inside I have questions that must be answered. It won’t be fair to both of us. So before that happens I want to share this with you. Then you decide what to do.

You know that two days before the wedding we had our bridal shower. My officemates were all there including Max, my boss in the HR department. We did our bridal shower in her house.

The night was wild, with lots of food and booze to boot. Soon, most of us were all wasted from the binge so before midnight, most of my officemates had already left, except me. Max told me to sleep over in her house since most of the office mates’ cars were already occupied. I complied.

I was so drunk that night I could barely walk without tumbling or tipping a glass or two. Max helped me to my feet and brought me to her room.

My vision was whirling then from the dizziness. I guess I puked a couple of times which made me feel embarrassed because all those times Max helped me clean up and undress my soiled clothes.

After taking off all my clothes and freshening me up with a warm towel and a mouthwash, Max suddenly kissed me p...