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Shameful Secrets: My Filipina Wife's First Big Black Cock I

Submitted by on May 4, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Shameful Secrets: My Filipina Wife's First Big Black Cock II'm a retired Filipino seaman in my early 50s. I used to work in a Norwegian tanker ship for three decades. I go by the name of Tony, an alias of course. I have a beautiful wife and let's just call her Regina. She is a petite woman in her late 30s and still looks as youthful as the first time we met more than a decade ago. It's like her signs of aging has stopped at 23. What I liked about my wife was that she meticulously looks after her appearance very well. Ergo, she took pride in her look similar to those women who also knew they were beautiful. Aside from that, she has this youthful vigor...and a pleasant radiance in her pretty face that compliments her flawless milky white skin. On the contrary, my skin color was like that of a brown coffee. Regina wasn't into fair skin dudes because she finds tanned/brown-skinned guys very masculine. For her, it was the color of masculinity. Makes sense to me why most caucasian guys love to hit the beaches to have their tans.

Prior to my retirement working in the sea, we bought a six-story apartment near the Manila Airport in Pasay. My wife was right, it was indeed a wise investment from using a large portion of our life savings after all. The regular income we get from the rent was more than enough for our kind of lavish lifestyle. My wife was also good at saving money despite our spendings and from how things are running, it would only take a few years for our investments to return.

It's just a sad fact that we...