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Boyfriend for a Night - Her Doubts and Determination

Submitted by on July 27, 2014 (3 years ago)
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"Chai, are you sure you wanna do it?"

"Rai, ilang beses mo ba akong tatanungin nyan? At ilang beses ba kitang sasagutin na 'oo, sigurado akong kaya ko 'to at sigurado akong gusto ko 'to'"

"Ok, so see you on Friday then? At 'wag kang mag-shave."

"Yep, see you on Friday."
That was a Wednesday, two days after he came back into my life, eighteen days after he said goodbye. And his name was Raiden Francis and this was the story of how he captured my heart, and of how he fired up my loins.

It all started with a simple comment that I made on his post in an adult site where we both were members. Aside kasi na nalibugan ako sa eksena nila sa sinehan nung bidang babae ay napaluha din ako sa nasabing kwento. Malungkot kasi how the story ended as it implied about his painful break-up with the woman in his story, his own love story.

Naintriga din kasi ako sa pseudonym na gamit niya sa adult site na 'yon, something that connotes music and madness. Hindi ko lang ma-explain but there was something in him that I wanted to explore, that I wanted to understand. And judging from the woman's age in the story, I had assumed he was in his early 30s (which I found out later I was wrong nung minsan ko siyang nai-hotseat sa chatroom ng nasabing adult site).

It was weeks after we exchanged replie...