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Journey (1)this is a copyright no one is allowed to duplicate, pirate, copy, this story without my express agreement* 
Basta bawal ito kopyahin ng wala kong basbas PERIOD.

Year: 2000
Start of the century
Subject: Male , chubby, upbeat, highscooler. 
Code: Szadeck
location: motel room sa probinsya 

Ahhh...ahhhh...sige pa! Deck! Bilis pa! Harder! Giling pa!

i was pumping this girl hard as i could i can hear my balls slap between her ass and pussy

*plak, plak, plak, plak*

She was screaming, sweaty and hot...
her skin glisttened with our sweat and ice that melted...
she squirmed, adjusting herself and taking my manhood

She grabbed my ass, urging me to pump harder, faster
i complied.


She took her free hand and grabbed the back of my neck, pushing me down.
and kissed me,


Our saliva and tounges mixed and danced, i was sucking her sweet tounge, 
her moans became muffled.. she pushed me off and she sucked her breath..
And moaned, a long deep, moaned...


she shivered.
she convulsed. 
I felt her pussy juices enveloping my hard dick inside her.
i was going to pull it out, pump her again...

She cried...

"Wag!!! Wag ka gumalaw!!"
She moan...