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Submitted by on December 29, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Hi there fellow FSS members and chatters!The New year is almost here and Christmas is also about to end.If you'll notice I have'nt finished my latest story and neither have I posted a blog,its because i've been busy with my other activity in the REAL world.
"Mr.M my name is Micheal Tan.I've been advised by a friend to seek your help because of your expertise in solving financial and brokering matters."
"So what can I do for you sir?"
"I've been having problems with a certain land acquisition.The brokers and seller have been arguing on how to settle their fees.As a buyer i'm reluctant with this land deal yet because of the potential of this area I cannot pass the opportunity in having it.I need you to find a solution in settling their problems."
Hmmm...interesting he comes to me and needs my services on how to solve this.Madali lang naman ang solution sa problema kaso nga dahil sa pagiging gahaman nang ilang tao e nag aalangan si Mr.Tan.
"So you want me to get to the bottom of this problem then help you buy this land at the lowest and cheapest price they will agree in without causing more problems in selling it to you."
"Right,and since i'm not a citizen of your country i'm not able to buy it without being scrutinized by your goverment.I'm a businessman sir and all i'm intrested is doing business here.No more mo less."
"Very well sir,i'll look i...