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This is another true story.  This is my 6th post.  I hope you enjoy this as much as you enjoyed my other posts.

This happened in 2004, I was in a relationship with a schoolmate who is 3 yrs. my junior (I move from 3 courses in college in 6yrs).  Let's call her Ingrid.  She was about 5'2", long legged, nice butt, perfectly round 34C boobs, and fair skinned.  Her barkada in high school came for a vacation from the US and invited us to dinner and a night out.  We went there and I met her highschool barkada with their bf's.  We went home at around 4am from clubbing and bar hopping.

During the weekday, Jacky, her barkada from the US invited us and some of their friends to the hotel she is staying for a sleepover.  She got two rooms which was connecting so we could just move through and through.  I didn't want to go because I was not really feeling too well but Ingrid was persistent.  She told me that Jacky was US based and that she was her best friend in hs so I agreed to go.  We packed our things and met them for dinner.  There were 8 of us (4 pairs) and share the 2 rooms.  We went out and go bar hopping and back to the hotel at around 4am either too tired or drunk so we just slept.

We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant and after breakfast, while the girls were busy chit-chatting, the guys decided to hit the pool.  I was not feeling too well (5 straight days of partying staying up whole night) and the guys were not really my cl...