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So how should I start?

I'm no one - just a random girl in her early 20s. I never thought I would have a problem dealing with my partner's pleasure. Not that I'm experienced or what. To be honest I have only been with one guy and we never really did 'it'. I gave him head thrice and didn't fail to make him cum. It was easy. 

But now my situation is different since I'm dating a girl. Before I met her, I have never imagined myself being in a same-sex relationship so pleasing a girl wasn't my concern. But now yeah it is. My gf hasn't been with anyone physically or sexually or whatever. And yeah, we're both 'virgins'. Literally. 

We've been together for a few months now. And during our first 'sexy times', I was able to make her cum by licking her clitoris. I thought it would be enough for me but I knew I wanted to try more. Besides, I just can't lick her forever you know. So I tried putting a finger in her P. I think I hurt her. Of course I apologized right away. It didn't bother me at first because I thought I would eventually learn.

But every time I try, I fail. It makes me so sad that I can't make her cum using my fingers. It's frustrating. Last week, I tried doing it again. There was an improvement since I was able to insert my whole middle finger without her feeling any pain but when I started to move it, she said it's still kind of painful so I stopped. She's wet naman. As in basa sa labas. Madulas pa. Pero kapag ipapasok ko na,...