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My ODDyssey part 2 BANZAI BEACH completed

Submitted by on December 26, 2013 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey part 2 BANZAI BEACH completedSorry guys, christmas and churchwork can be such a bloody drag! where was I? oh yes...

I took off the bathrobe, and the 3 japanese girls went cheering whooping screaming and laughing really loud, I felt so exhiliratedd as I waded in the waters towards them with my boobies exposed, illuminated by the bright full moon. I played with them, we were laughing and giggling like foolish little girls splashing sea water at each other, I saw their smooth round bums were not completely bare, so to speak, as the tentacle straps not only go around the hips legs and between the crease but also over the bum cheeks as well.

Saeko and I wandered to far off from the other two, foolishly and very daringly ver far from our villa. She put her arms around me and we kissed passionately, lt was long hard and deep and very wet. We were panting as we stared into each other's eyes, and then she slowly took off her octopi top, unhooking the tentacles around her neck and her back, the pair of octupi "sucking" and cupping her cute titties made squishing and sucking noises as she pulled them off. She threw her top on the sand as I beheld her lovely 36cs with nipples looking like little milk chocolate bon bons. I kissed her tenderly, and she kept moaning as my lips and tongue explored her lovely face, nibbling and sucking her tender ears, going down her smooth slender neck, all the while lovingly fondling her cute titties. She moaned and grunted and was talking in japanes...