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Barkada Outing (Part 1)

Submitted by on June 30, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Hi, I'm Fred and let me just share what has happened during one of the best summer outing in my life. One hot summer weekend, our barkadas decided to book a room in a resort hotel somewhere in Clark to celebrate our 5th anniversary as a group of friends. We were about 15 in the group, 8 males and 7 females. All of us have already graduated from college and now working. Two of the males here are my closest friends - Paulo and Leo. Whenever we are talking about green stuff, no holds barred, very unrestricted. To the point that we are discussing how to rape some of our girl friends whenever we are alone. How horny I get whenever we talk about that!

Well, I guess it's time to put that fantasy into fruition. I got this idea from reading a dark forum somewhere in the internet when the guy who posted this story told us how he got a hand in a date-rape drug which is undetectable if you slip it into a drink and very potent up to 4 hours and used it to have sex with his hot sister-in-law while she is asleep. So I asked Paulo about this drug, since Paulo is a certified Pharmacist and told me that it's true. I asked him if he can get a hold of this drug and mentioned that maybe we can use it in the future. He gave me a very wide grin.

Fast forward to the outing, we had a very wonderful evening, party here, party there. Then some of our friends in the group left and only the three of us - me, Paulo and Leo, are the only remaining guys in the group and there are 4 gir...

My bestfriends lover

Submitted by on September 17, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Back to writing again. 

This happened just last weekend.  So fresh na fresh pa. 

May kababata ako na neighbor namin dito sa subdivision kung saan ako lumaki.  Lets call him Cholo.  We grew up together, although I am 2 yrs older than him.  Kami na lagi magkasama sa basketball, at paguwi galing sa school.  We went to different colleges and different courses, pero kasama pa rin kami sa gimikan.

Cholo also got married to a neighbor of ours and me being his bestfriend, ako naging bestman sa kasal nya.  A few years ago, nagpunta na si Cholo sa Macau para magtrabaho dun, leaving his family sa Pinas.  Every once in a while, Cholo and I still communicate through email.  Early this year, nag email sya na magbabakasyon daw sya, pero di sya natuloy.  Nagtanong sya ano daw gusto ko, sabi ko 1TB na external drive.  Then about 3 wks ago, nag email ulit sya na mey kaibigan daw syang uuwi, papadala nalang nya.  Sabi nya, housemate daw nya, babae, pangalan nya ay Janet. 

Grabeh pa nyang ma i describe si Janet.  Sabi ni Cholo, si Janet ay 33, maputi, chubby, mahaba buhok, maganda, at yummy daw.  Sabi ko paano mo nalaman na yummy, sumagot agad sa email ng, "ehem, alam mo na".  Sabi ni Cholo sa akin na samahan ko daw si Janet kasi di daw kabisada ang lugar at aalis din naman eto agad uuwi ng Mindanao.  Kilala na rin daw ako ni Janet kasi minsan naikwento na daw nya ako sa mga kalokohan namin dati.

So nung friday, day-of...

Ostich Run

Submitted by on September 9, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This happened in the late 90's.  I have this kababata na neighbor namin.  Si Art was one of my bestfriend and he has a sister who is 4 yrs younger than us.  We would tease her alot and she was also like a sister to me.  Tata was her nickname.  God has different plans for Art as he passed away at an early age from a very rare disease (I forgot the name).  Rest in Peace bro.

Tata and her family moved away from our neighborhood to Manila where her dad was based.  Every Nov1, I would visit Art's burial ground since it was near where my relatives are buried.  Everytime I visit his grave, only my flowers and candles were being placed there.  About 5yrs later, I found flowers and candles on his grave.  I had no idea who placed it but I just thought finally someone remembered my friend.  I stayed for a while when someone approached me and called me kuya.  It was Tata, the same little girl we used to tease alot.  She looked she didn't grew much since she was petite, about 4'10".  Only her boobs and her butt seemed different from her.  We chatted for some time and I learned that she's working in Manila and she visited Cebu to visit his brothers grave.  She hugged me tight and we talked more.  I invited her to dinner with my relatives.  Most of my relatives know her at kinumusta sya.

After dinner, I offered to bring her back to the pension house she was staying.  It was a small room with 2 single beds, a ref, TV, and its own toilet.  Tata want...

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