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My ODDyssey chapter 3 backstory Li and Ac

Submitted by on January 7, 2014 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey chapter 3 backstory Li and AcBefore we continue with my Japan ODDyssey, I know lots of you blokes and
lads wanted, if not fucking bloody dying to know how I met Li, her
cousin Jade and Ac (most especially her since I described her as being a
splitting image of anne curtis, only with auburn hair and slightly
oriental hazel brown eyes and yes, way better bosoms)

from diary 2004, 2005, 2006

Li is a year and 2 month's older than I am, and she's a leo. Li is one
of those very pretty, sexy, cute english oriental girls whose sexuality
people may see as being seemingly ambiguous, as she is very tomboy ish,
she has a really stong personality, bloody tough, that is why we get
along, her style is a wee dark, punk, she has two body piercings, simple
gold and diamond barbells on her belly button and tongue, the latter
which is kept secret from her family. She is somewhat a wee bit gothic
ish, but it really works for her and she could be a model if she wanted
to, her parents are both chinese, her dad an immigrant and her family,
as fucking always, tied to bloody old traditions. We go to the same posh
school where my Kate, is the headmistress of our division or level
(principal, duh?) and the youngest headmistress at 26 if not the most
posh smart and gorgeous. Not being stereotypical of the chinese but Li
was really fucking bloody good with math and often she helped me with my
math lessons. We were not close...