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My ODDyssey chapter 4 part 1 english girls again

Submitted by on February 5, 2014 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey chapter 4 part 1 english girls againWell I'm going to tell you anyway what happened after coming home from Japan. We had lots of cuddling and
hugging with Kate and Jade when we gave them the presents we bought for them in Japan (of course Li Ac and
I also bought special presents and souvenirs for our parents as well) We partied with Megumi and Saeko on
live video stream and also with Yoko and Saeko's girlgroup on the other screen. We did got very pissed
(drunk) though. We watched the compiled video clips we've taken of the places we went and the activities
we did in Japan. Though we don't have record on video of the violent soiree we had with the annoying
pinoy pricks and arseholes, we did ended up in youtube (truly) eventually later on and though the clips
were in japanese they had a few number of hits (no more than 2500 the last time we checked) and thank
goodness none of our parents saw that, as of yet.

We watched the sexy clips of the hot parties we had in Megumi's flat we've made especially the hot spring
lesbian orgy with the hot young japanese women we met in the springs, and also the video Megumi had of us
while she was sketching us. We huddled in the big sofa with Kate and Ac between me and Li and Jade curled
up beside Li. Jade was silent as we were watching the hot clips looking both shocked and amused, "gawd you
we're such whores!" Jade exclaimed as we watch the wild and erotic dancing we did in our parties "if by