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Epitome of Pleasure

Submitted by on September 10, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Tingin sa oras, tingin sa terrace to check for the weather, exhaled deeply and flashed a big, big smile.  30 minutes early na naman ako sa alarm clock. Stuffs are prepared. Plain black V-neck tees, fitted pants for today.  Did some few crunches before getting up, shower, eat breakfast. 8:00 am, ready na ako umalis, but something’s missing, oh yeah! DB’s Inferno.  Perfect. Hindi pa man natatapos ang araw ko, masasabi ko na na today is going to be a good day.

“Dito na ako. 7-11”

Naglalakad ako papunta sa kinaroroonan niya, kasi bumaba ako sa may malapit lang din sa 7-11 for the thought na dun nga kami magkikita, I was looking around, seeing him standing there, and breaking into a smile. Highfive nung makalapit na. It was good seeing him again. He grabbed the book I was holding. He smiled and pinched my cheeks. Same exact routine (because fuck the standard meet ups – coffee coffee kunyare, kain kain daw muna, usap usap).  He brought his Rubi (Mutor) with him.  Bili booze and water tas gora na ulit sa motel. He was the same stark I was with 2 months ago (read yung Untitled (complete) :D ). It was really cool maintaining an awesome friendship with this dude. I thought it would be just a one night stand thing, pero turns out to be a fuck buddy  - swabeng prends with bonus awesome fuck.

So room 214. Nag tour tour naman muna sa maliit na room. Sindi ulit ng yosi. Usap konti. Bukas ng TV. Wala cable. Boooo! Hubad siya ng pants. Hubad...