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My ODDyssey part 4 almost a broken frame cont.

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hewo guys sowi fo the long wait, been quite busy with work and personal life (wink wink) anyhoo where were we? Oh yes… we continue with almost a broken frame…

We finally patched things up with our beloved Acey, she reconciled with Li, and our friendship became more stronger, passionate and romantic than ever. Li brought a bubbly (dom perignon) and some of her exquisite flavored party sticks we got a wee bit stoned after drinking eating and smoking we tidy things up and went up to my room. I went in first to check the boys especially the little horny indian monkey since we’re just in our knickers and shirts. “I think the wee munchkins and the lil goblin are asleep” I whispered as I dim the lights and the lovely sluts jumped on to my bed giggling loudly. “Shh! Oh shut it you bloody bitches!” I hushed them but they kept on fucking taunting, giggling and laughing loudly gawd were they so fucking bloody stoned and pissed (drunk) and then the bitches pulled me on the bed.

I had our favorite songs play on loop on my Ipod and I tenderly held their cheeks and caressed them behind the ears, “gawd I love you both so so so much” I whispered. We kissed and caressed each other in ragingly scorching alcohol and weed amplified passions. Li motioned with her eyes and we both kiss suck lick Ace all over her gorgeous anne curtis-esque face and neck (well, not a fan of that bitch and Acey is a wee bit prettier but hey...