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Years of Agony

Submitted by on May 22, 2016 (11 months ago)
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That's how magical it goes...

One moment I thought it was only me...
Only me confirming if the spark is still there,
Only me hoping for another chance that we might just lost for a while,
Only me thinking I'm still in love with you,
and Only me asking for forgiveness that I left you..

But I guess, it was not only me. It Was both of Us. We finally found all the answers we're searching for for years in just a night. 

Pain strikes. Don't you feel it?
In just a second of looking into your eyes, I knew it.

My hope and faith for the two of us vanished..
Fears and regret overflowed within me. I lose you, no. I lost you.

You're happy now. Contented. And loved.
I won't dare to mess with those things you have right now.

I belong to the past. It should all belong to the past. And I thank you for showing me how I should put myself together.

Yes, we both finally moved on. And let's admit it, it took us years to realize that we have gone this far without each other.

And yes, memories can really be... DECEIVING.