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My Bestfriend's Mom Part 4

Submitted by on October 9, 2016 (6 months ago)
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Here you go :D The last part, if you haven't seen the first three then go ahead, or better yet start all over again from part 1 eh?. Sorry it took so long, ang dami kasing nangyayari eh. Life caught up I guess xD Anyways, I hope you guys like it.

We kissed again, long, passionate. Wala na akong pakielam if she still had some of my cum in her mouth. After a few minutes of making out, my d*ck was rock hard again. Sabi niya, "Ang bilis Mark ah... buti naman" with a sexy grin. She tried to grab my d*ck but I stopped her. "It's my turn tita, hands up" as I was sitting. I reached for my shirt, and said "Tita diba sabi ko hands up?" She did what I wanted to do, I used my shirt to tie both of her hands to the head board. Hindi pa ako nag sisimula, napamura na siya, "Shit. Kunin mo yung towel bago ka mag simula." I then remembered that she can squirt. "Wag na tita, I want to savor your juice" I replied.

Now with both her hands tied, I took a moment to examine every inch of her. Not a single scar, uneven skin tone, or even just a hair maliban sa ulo at mukha niya. "You're even more beautiful and sexier up close tita... Mababaliw ako sayo" she didn't say a thing. Maybe a bit shocked about my revelation na parang winoworhsip ko yung katawan niyang may edad na but still flawless and sexy any part. First, I played with her t*ts, while my tongue started from her neck... then to her shoulders... to her arms. Sucking and leaving kiss marks as I go. Syempr...