Lustful Weekend Part 2

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Date: June 27, 2018 (22 days ago)

Pagkatapos akong ma-fuck ni Tito Rolly sa bathroom niya, he then picked his boxer shorts, sinuot niya and told me "wash up ka na and lumabas, baka kumatok na si Noel" sabay labas sa bathroom. I picked up the towel na nasa floor. Hanged it, went to the shower and wash my body, particularly my butt na puno ng cum ni Tito Rolly. While the water is rushing to my body, naisip ako. "Cindy you are a slut. You let dad and son fuck you today." And then I smiled naughtily.

Paglabas ko ng bathroom, wala na si Tito Rolly sa room niya. I found him sa sala reading something. He just smiled at me, as if nothing happened. I entered Noel's room and found him getting up. "Hey baby, how's your sleep?"I asked him. "Naka-rest ng mabuti baby."He answered back. "Thanks for kanina ha. Now ko lang na-experience maka-ass fuck and sa magandang girlfriend ko pa. He went to me to hug me and kissed me sa lips. "Anything for your my love," I replied.

I was picking up what clothes to wear when Noel got a text message. He told me, his supervisor at the hospital is asking for a call. He went out to the sala to use the phone there. I decided to wear my dark blue string thongs (I love wearing thongs), pekpek shorts, and a blue tube. I also placed my belly button rings na may heart design, para sexy talaga, Feeling naughty, i took a photo of myself using my phone. I also checked the photos of me and Tito Rolly while we were fucking. Hindi naman alam ni Noel ang password ko and he never ask for it, so I feel safe.

Pumasok si Noel sa room. Mukhang bad trip. I asked "what happened baby?" Noel told me that his supervisor is telling him to report for work, kahit off niya, dahil may dalawang nurses siyang kasama ng nagkasakit and they are undermanned sa night shift. Noel took the weekend off since he wanted to be with me sa house nila. I can sense his disappointment, pero wala siyang magawa since trabaho ito.

I told him, na uuwi na rin ako. Sasabay na lang ako sa kanya palabas. Noel told me to stay na lang sa house nila. He will be back by 7 a.m. the next day (which was a Sunday), since his emergency shift will end at 6 a.m. He also told me that he requested his sup to compensate him by giving him the Monday off, as replacement. So I can stay daw sa house nila until Monday if I like. While I feel uneasy to be left sa house nila, I don't like to go back to the dormitory that time since the travel will be long and it is already 7 p.m. Before I can reply, Noel told me "rest ka lang baby, sleep early later I want to fuck you pagdating ko tomorrow morning." He hugged me and said mag-ready na siya since he has to be at the hospital before 9 pm.

Lumabas siya para maligo. I was alone in the room, I am thinking what will happen later? Dalawa lang kami maiwan ni Tito Rolly sa house. Malamang ma fuck ulit ako. At some point, I want to go home and maybe just return the next day when Noel is back. But part of me is telling, "stay Cindy, you will surely enjoy this." At that point, nanalo ang horny Cindy, I whispered to myself "bahala na." Mayamaya pa, bumalik na si Noel from his bath. Nagmadaling magbihis and nag-aya na mag-dinner before going to the hospital. Paglabas naming, nasa dining table na si Tito Rolly. He told us na kumain na, bago umalis si Noel. We had a good dinner, masarap ang handa nina Nana Lucy at Ate Belen.

Noel told his Dad that I will sleep there. Babalik naman daw siya mga 7 a.m. Saglit lang naman daw and I am sure di ko raw mapansin ang oras if sleep ako ng maaga. Napatingin ako sa eyes ni Tito Rolly since he replied, yes anak, "Cindy will wait for you, kasama naman niya ako sa house kaya di naman ito matatakot na wala ka," sabay ngiti sa akin. Alam ko na may mangyayari na naman sa amin pag-alis ni Noel. Naunang tumayo si Noel. Pumasok sa room namin para mag-tooth brush and then nagpaalam na umalis. I went toward him to hug him and give him a kiss, "ingat ka" I told my boyfriend. He hugged me too and whispered "gisingin kita sa fuck bukas."

Pagbalik ko sa table, Tito Rolly asked me if I like to drink. May wine pa raw naman, pero may Johnny Walker daw siya if I like whisky. I do drink whisky and I said na yon na lang. He went to the cabinet to get a JW double black. He also requested Ate Belen for some ice and two scotch glasses. He asked me if I want soda with whisky, but I said I'd like to take it as is, on the rocks. The whisky made me relax a bit and we continued our conversation. Doon napansin ni Tito Rolly and navel ring ko. "May belly button ring ka pala?"He told me. I replied that I decided to have it since it added to my sexiness. Tumayo ako para ipakita sa kanya sa rings, which he scrutinized. Sexy ko nga raw. I am more relaxed now and more open to the conversation with Tito Rolly.

Naubos ko na ang whisky sa glass ko and he poured another one. Then Tito Rolly told me "I will honest with you Cindy. I like you. You are hot and young and pretty, but you are also the girlfriend of my son." Then he told me na marami na rin siyang girlfriends na young girls din like my age. I was surprised, but not too surprised. He is cool. Madaling mapaamo ang girls. Plus of course, given his status as medical doctor I guess marami talaga ma-fall sa kanya. He also said na may ex-gf daw siya na dalawang nurses sa hospital where he is assigned and a few na "referred"ng mga kaibigan niya. I want to ask him about the term "referred" that he used, but he cut me short by saying, "O ubos na whisky mo, you want more?" I just nodded and he poured another shot again to my glass and to his. By that time, I felt tipsy na and a bit horny. Tito Rolly was explaining to me that technically he is single and wants to enjoy naman. He has preference to young girls such as me. Pero hindi daw siya namimilit kung ayaw sa kanya. I can sense that Tito Rolly is an expert in this area. He asked me how I met Noel and I told him that we (Noel and myself) were introduced together by a common friend. Lucky daw siya at naging kami ni Noel.

Nag-buzz ang phone ko. May message from Noel. He told me nasa hospital na raw siya and asked me what am I doing. I told him that I am just having conversation with his dad. Noel then texted na gigil na gigil siya and that he wants to fuck me sana before leaving, but nagmamadali siya. He added sa text message na he wants to fuck me again sa ass tomorrow. Kaya humanda raw ako.

Napa-smile ako sa last message ng boyfriend ko. Napansin ito ni Tito Rolly. He asked me bakit. I told him "si Noel kasi Tito." He queried further "Bakit daw." Nahiya ako sabihin, I just replied "nakakahiya Tito." But he is persistent. He said na adults naman daw kami and that he is a medical doctor so dapat di na ako mahiya. I took a deep breath and told him "Noel wants to fuck my ass again tomorrow Tito," sabay ngiti sa kanya.

He was not surprised. He just smiled back. Sabi niya "ass fuck ka ba niya kanina sa door when I saw you?" I just nodded and took a sip sa whisky. At that time, nawala na lahat ng inhibitions ko. Tito Rolly told me na siya nag encourage kay Noel na mag try anal fuck. And very lucky daw si Noel that his first ass fuck is to the girl with a nice butt like me. Napa smile ako. Hindi na ako nahihiya.

We were interrupted a bit nina Nana Lucy and Ate Belen. They will transfer na raw sa quarters nila and asked us if we need something. I said okay na ako and they went out of the main house na. They locked the door on their way out.

Tito Rolly then continued that he loves to do ass fucking his girlfriends. He clarified na love din niya pussy fuck. He wants to conquer daw three holes ng girl: ass, pussy and mouth, not necessarily in that order. I knew that Tito Rolly has a lot of experiences with girls. He then told me how much he likes me and that he wants to fuck me some more. But he understands if I may not like it given Noel is my boyfriend. Discreet naman daw siya, we can meet outside if I like. Or we can do it sa house pag wala si Noel. We can be "de-facto gf-bf" naman daw. Tito Rolly is making suggestion. Inubos ko ang last whisky sa glass ko and I said "pag-isipan ko Tito."He just smiled at me. I am now beginning to be tipsy and horny. Nag-iinit na body ko that time.

My mind is calculating the possibilities. Will I fuck Tito Rolly again? What will be the consequences? I stood up and told him "Tito mauna na ako mag sleep. Medyo antok na ako." Tito said "okay hija, have a good sleep." While walking towards my room, I am not sure of what to do. Pero deep inside me nalibog na ako. I want to fuck. I enjoyed him fucking me kanina and I want to experience it again. I stepped inside the room. I looked at Tito Rolly, he is still seating sa table looking at me. Nakatalikod ako sa kanya. Open pa ang door. And then I did it. I unzipped my pekpek shorts. Dropped it sa floor showing him my butt, since naka string thongs lang ako. Then I returned my look at him and told him "Tito, please join me here."

I saw Tito stood up and approach Noel's room. Lumapit ako sa bed and took off my tube blouse and throw it sa bed. And then faced him. He hold my face and asked me, "are you now mine Cindy? Do we have an agreement?" I nodded my head and replied "yes tito. You can have me." He kissed me torridly, lumaban na rin ako. Lumalabas ang dila namin and we are both sucking it alternately. Bukas ang door ng room namin ni Noel pero wala na akong pakialam. Nabalot na ng libog ang katawan ko. Pinasok ni Tito Rolly ang thongs ko and hinipo niya ang pussy ko. At that time, wet na siya. Pinasok ni Tito Rolly ang dalawang fingers niya inside my pussy. Napa sigaw ako sa sarap. Gigil si Tito na pasukin ang pussy ko using his fingers. Inagat niya ang isa kung leg and pinatong sa bed ni Noel. Tuloy pa rin pag finger sa akin while kissing me.

Then he shifted from my lips to my boobs, sucking one, then the other. He is doing this while continuously finger fucking me with his two fingers. I shouted softly halos pigil that I am squirting. I told him "I am squirting Tito, I am squirting" while my pussy juice is flowing out of my pussy. "Let it go cindy…let it go my dear," sabi sa akin ni Tito while naka smile sa akin. Ang daming lumabas na juice from my pussy, hingal na hingal ako. Tito then push me a bit sa bed ni Noel. Napahiga ako. He then took off my thongs, "wet na wet panty mo dear," sabi niya sa akin. I just waited for his next move. Wala na akong magawa, Tito owns me at that time. He spread my legs and started eating my pussy. Nakaluhod siya sa paanan ng bed. Ang sarap kumain ng pussy ko si Tito Rolly. Mayamaya pa I came again. Hinawakan ko ang ulo niya. He tongue is deep inside me while I was cumming hard.

He lifted his head and looked at me, telling me" ang sarap ng cum mo Cindy, matamis." I was so horny I just want to fuck Tito Rolly, nakuha na niya ako. I stood up, went to him and tried to open his pants, I want his cock inside my mouth. Gusto ko ibalik ang sarap na ginawa niyang pag-eat sa akin. I want to suck him nice and good.

But Tito Rolly stopped me, "not yet, you will get that later. I want to fuck you in my room, transfer there." He ordered me. I was about to pick my thongs and shorts and tube blouse but he said to leave those in Noel's room. He signalled me sa room niya, "go ahead there while I turn off the lights sa dining area and sala," Tito Rolly said. I walk from Noel's room to his room naked, while he turned off the lights. I entered his room and stood near the bed. I was naked waiting for the older guy, my boyfriend's dad to fuck me.

A few minutes he entered the room. Nakita niya nakatayo ako sa side ng bed. He opened all the lights in his room and lumapit sa akin. "I want to see your body in full," Tito said. Hinawakan niya ang isang hand ko and tinitingan face ko, boobs ko and down to my pussy, "ang ganda mo Cindy, I am lucky to have a girlfriend like you." I was surprised sa statement ni Tito Rolly. He now considers me as his girlfriend. Boyfriend ko na rin ang daddy ng boyfriend ko? I am horny and just want to fuck this guy. Pinaikot niya ako, while holding my hand. "Hmmm, you have a lovely butt my dear. I will surely enjoy you as my girl."

I just said to him "take care of me Tito. Ikaw na bahala sa akin." Tito Rolly then ushered me to a chair sa side ng bed niya. This is his reading area. My big chair na leather with armrest. He then unzipped his pants and dropped it down. Nakatayo siya sa harap ko wearing his briefs and shirt. Nakita ko ang malaking bulge sa harap niya. He took off his shirt and then his briefs, sabay sabi "ito na hinahanap mo." Nakita ko tayong-tayo na ang cock ni Tito. He sat down sa chair niya and told me "do your work my dear." I kneeled in front of him and started sucking like a good girl. I sucked him good, even licked his balls while stroking his cock. I want my "new boyfriend" to enjoy the moment.

Napaungol si Tito Rolly, "ang galing mo mag BJ cindy." Lalo akong ginanahan sa pag-suck sa kanya. Mayamaya pa, nag moan ng malakas si Tito Rolly, malapit na siya mag cum. I took his cock from my mouth, I stroked it faster, looked at him sa eyes and told him "cum inside my mouth Tito, I will swallow."

Napa-smile siya. And then I felt his cum rushing in my mouth. Ang dami! I let his cock stayed inside my mouth. I want to take his cum all in, no spill. When I felt he was done, I looked at him and showed him my mouth na full of cum (I felt like a porn star that time, but hey I am enjoying it) and swallowed all of it. Tito told me "you are a good girl Cindy. Good girl indeed" He was sitting there and I asked him if I can go to the dining area to get water. He nodded and told me to go. I went to the dining area, took a glass from their cabinet, opened the door of the ref and bended to get the water container. While bending, I felt something touching my pussy. Paglingon ko si Tito Rolly standing behind me he was trying to enter my pussy. I told myself, "ang libog ng lalaking ito." Hard pa rin ang dick ni Tito. I told him to let me finish my drink and I will take care of him after.

Pumunta ako sa dining table to pour water sa glass ko. Si Tito dumidikit sa akin. He whispered to me, while I was drinking water to spread my legs apart, which I did. He then held my hips and pounded me. Last night, Noel fuck me sa dining table and tonight it was his Dad's turn to do the same.

Tito was moaning while pounding me. But I don't want him to cum doon sa dining table. I motioned to him to stop, then took his arm and told him na we will continue sa room niya. He agreed and I took the lead, grabbing his arm. I went straight to the leather chair and mounted it, tumuwad ako while nakapatong ang legs ko sa armrest area. I looked back at Tito and told him, "fuck me hard, honey." First time that I used a term of endearment to Tito Rolly.

He went to me, gigil look and then started pounding me. My position plus my wet pussy provide easy access for his big cock. Tito was fucking me fast and hard and I am moaning loudly. "You're a nice fuck, my dear. I love this." sabi ni Tito sa akin. "Fuck me honey, I am all yours" sagot ko sa kanya. At that time, Tito Rolly cock is deep inside me. He was holding my boobs, squeezing it with his hand while continuously attacking my pussy with his spear-like cock. I was cumming again. I told Tito that I am cumming and upon hearing then assaulted my pussy further. My juice was flowing out of my pussy. "Ang sarap mo…" sabi ni Tito.

Napatigil si Tito Rolly. I told him for us to go to his bed. Nauna siya at humiga, I told him, "I want to be on top" and mounted him. I took his cock, lead it towards my wet pussy and moved my hips. I am now in control, riding Tito Rolly. Nasarapan siya, he reached for my boobs squeezing them with his two hands. Tuloy and movement ng hips ko. A few minutes after, I lifted my legs, squat a bit and started fucking him, moving up and down. I am moaning loud and Tito told me "shit ang libog mo Cindy, masarap ka." I continued doing the up and down motion.

Then a flash of wildness appeared to me. I made a reverse move with my back now facing Tito Rolly. I am fucking him reverse cowgirl style. Lumingo ako sa kanya. Naririnig ko lang moan ni Tito Rolly and words such as "shit, ang sarap." His hands holding my hips. I knew he is enjoying me. I then increase the stake, I bended over first my hands touching his feet. He wasn't sure of what is going to happen next, he had a view of my nice ass. Then using both my hands, I hold my butt cheeks and spread it wide for him to see my asshole. Lumingon ako sa kanya and smiled. He got what I wanted. I am ready to be fuck sa ass ni Tito Rolly.

He then lifted me, brought me sa edge ng bed. My half body sa bed while my legs naka support sa akin sa floor ng kaunti. He spread my legs wider, fingered me, and spread my pussy juice sa asshole, he then entered my asshole. He did not use lube unlike Noel. Masakit ang unang assault ng cock ni Tito sa asshole ko. "Aray Tito, dahan dahan please" sabi ko sa kanya. "Tiisin mo muna dear, you will adjust sa sensation," sagot ni Tito sa akin. He entered me slowly pero masakit ng kaunti, gumalaw ako pushing him a bit. Pero he pressed me sa bed and continued what he is doing, this time mabilis na ang pasok ng cock niya sa asshole ko. Naka press ako sa bed, wala na ako magawa but just to take it. "Ang sikip mo nga cindy," sabi ni Tito. "You have a nice ass," patuloy niya. He then stopped, took his cock out of my asshole and pinabaliktad niya ako. "I want to see you pretty face while I conquer your ass."

He spread my legs up in the air, held these with his hands and entered me again. This time hindi na masakit, I am able to adjust and nice sensation na ang na feel ko. Tito is pounding me hard, pasok na pasok ang dick niya sa ass ko. I am enjoying him now, I am about to cum. I held his face with my hands and told him "fuck me hard…fuck my ass hard..harder…harder." Nanggigil lalo si Tito Rolly, naging mabilis ang pag-pound niya sa akin. Ako naman I am cumming again. Masarap. "Fuck me harder fuck me harder" I am now ordering Tito Rolly. Mayamaya pa he shouted "I am cumming Cindy ahhh." I told him, "cum inside my ass, I want you to cum inside my ass." I then felt a warm cum flowing inside my ass. "Ahhh...sarap" sabi ni Tito Rolly. He then collapsed on top of me sa sobrang pagod. He whispered to me, "I want you Cindy. I want you." Sa sobrang libog, I kissed him sa shoulder niya and said "I want you too." I am falling sexually sa daddy ng boyfriend ko. After a few minutes, I motioned to him to go to the bathroom and wash. Sabay kami ng shower, I cleaned his cock while he cleaned my asshole. Inserting even his finger while soaping me. We kissed torridly before drying up and went to bed. His phone is buzzing, he read the message and it was from Noel. He said, "Noel is asking if you are sleeping na." I told him, "reply ka Tito na nakatulog ako agad," which he did.

"Dito ka na matulog, tabi tayo." Sabi ni Tito Rolly sa akin. "1230 na, I will set the alarm at 4 am. I want to fuck you again before Noel arrives." Patuloy ni Tito. "I want to cum inside your pussy naman, para complete ang three holes," sabay smile sa akin. I just said "ikaw bahala Tito. Sa yo naman na ako." I went to bed while he turned off the lights, then we hugged. I can't believe that I am sleeping with Noel's dad. But I am enjoying it.

I placed my head sa chest ni Tito Rolly while he was hugging me. I like the feeling to be with someone as successful like him. Having a nice house and very stable job. I told him again, "Tito, promise me you will take care of me ha." To which Tito replied, "yes naman, you are my girl now. I will take care of you. Give and take tayo, you will take care of my needs and I will take care of yours." Alam ko naman ang ibig sabihin noon, that time I am ready to give in to Tito Rolly's demand. I just told him "anything you want Tito, I will give it." And then pumikit na ang mata ko. Dahil sa pagod, nakatulog agad ako.

Nagising ako bigla sa alarm ng phone ni Tito Rolly. Deep sleep din ang nangyari sa akin dahil sa pagod, but I woke up ahead of him. He is still sleeping so I decided to wake him up, "Tito, nag alarm na ang phone mo. It is 4 am na." He woke up and said "good morning my girl. Did you sleep well?" I told him I did, maybe dahil napagod nga ako sa ginawa namin. He hugged me and kissed my forehead. He got up and went to the bathroom to wash up. When he returned he told me that he needs his morning fuck. I went to the bathroom, washed my body and pussy area, and went back to him. Tito Rolly is waiting for me in his bed, his cock exposed and his hand stroking it. "Come here my dear and give me a good morning blow job," he requested me. I approached him, kissed him while stroking his cock. Mayamaya pa bumaba ako para isubo ang cock ng dad ng boyfriend ko. Umuungol si Tito Rolly sa BJ ko sa kanya. Sinubo ko dahan dahan ng buo ang cock niya. At first, parang di ko kaya sa laki (bigger than Noel's dick) pero naipasok ko rin sa mouth ko. Nasarapan si Tito Rolly sa ginawa ko, "ang galing mo Cindy. Tama si Noel, the best ka talaga."

Pinatigil ako ni Tito Rolly and sinabihan na upuan ko siya sa face, "squat on my face Cindy, I want to eat you that way." Lumapit ako sa uluhan ni Tito Rolly and using the headboard of his bed as support for my hands, I squat on his face. Dinilaan niya ang pussy ko. Ang sarap ng feeling ko that time, his tongue licking my pussy while I am squatting on his face and moved my hips back and forth. Tito Rolly then held my butt with his two hands, and then he moved my pussy nearer to his mouth and started sucking my clit and pussy. Napasigaw ako ng kaunti sa ginawa niya sa akin. Sarap na sarap ako. Mayamaya pa mapa-squirt ako sa ginawa sa akin ni Tito Rolly. I felt juice flowing out of my pussy and into his mouth. "I am squirting Tito.. I am cumming" ang nasabi ko. "Very nice…very nice," sabi sa akin ni Tito Rolly. Humihingal ako sa sarap.

Libog na libog na ako that time (tumataas ang horniness level ko usually after I squirted). I stood up and went to the Tito's chair. Tumuwad ako, spread my legs wide and looked at Tito's direction. I told him "fuck me Tito, fuck me hard please." Tito stood up and went to me. He said that I am so horny and I told him that he made me horny. Then he entered my wet pussy from behind. He pushed it hard inside me. Dahil basang-basa na ang pussy, it was relatively easy for him to enter me. "Ahh…ang sarap mo Cindy, and you're tight my dear. I am really lucky to have you." At that time Tito Rolly was holding my hips tightly and pounded me faster. After a while, he was telling me, "I am cumming Cindy." I told him to cum inside me, "I want to feel your cum inside me Tito. Please cum inside me. Parang nagmamakaawa pa ako." A few seconds later, I felt his hot sperm filling my pussy.

Sarap na sarap kaming dalawa ni Tito Rolly sa morning fuck namin. He kissed my back and whispered to me "Cindy, you made me very happy. I feel like a young man again. I want you as my girl." I sensed na tuwang-tuwa si Tito sa nangyayari and that he wants to fuck me again and again. I just told him, "I will make you happy Tito. I will take care of your needs, particularly sexual needs. Pero, don't forget your promise to take care of me ha." Lambing ko sa kanya. Naisip ko, the guy is enjoying my young body and that I might as well get something from it. Tito Rolly nodded and told me that he will provide me with things I want. He then told me to clean up na and transfer to Noel's room since in a few minutes, the kasambahay will enter the house to fix breakfast.

I went to the bathroom, cleaned my pussy from Tito Rolly's cum and went to Noel's room. I fixed my clothing na naiwan sa sahig, nag thongs ako and wore a big t-shirt and went to bed to continue sleeping. Napagod na naman ako sa pounding ni Tito Rolly kanina sa pussy ko.

Naidlip ako sa pagod and I did not notice dumating na pala si Noel. He was waking me up by kissing me. "Good morning, baby." How was your sleep, Noel asked. I told him it was okay. He asked me if I want to eat breakfast na since it was past 7 am already. I told him that I want to sleep some more pa. Noel changed from his nurse uniform to boxer shorts, hindi na siya sumuot ng shirt and went to sleep with me. "Miss mo ako, baby?" Nilalambing ako ni Noel. I told him that, yes na miss ko siya. Hindi niya alam na his dad has been fucking me while he was working. Inangat niya ang shirt ko to exposed my boobs, nilalaro niya ang nipples ko. "Na miss ko ito," sabi ni Noel. At that time, I was really tired and sleepy so I told Noel, "baby, let us do it later na lang. Sleep muna tayo. I will let you fuck me hard later." Noel agreed, he hugged me and we went to sleep.

Malapit ng lunch time ng magising kami ni Noel. We went out to check the food dahil gutom na rin kaming dalawa. We saw Noel's dad sitting on the dining table. He invited us to have brunch, dahil nandoon na raw ang lunch na handa nina Nana Lucy plus our breakfast food hindi pa nagalaw. Masarap ang food sa house nina Noel. I have to admit, I enjoyed the weekend vacation sa house nila with all the pampering and the fuck that I got.

Pagkatapos mag lunch, nag-paalam si Noel na maligo at he told me na bumalik kami sa room niya. Alam ko na ang gusto niya, he wants to fuck me. I told him to go ahead and I will follow. Kinuha niya ang towels niya sa room and went to the bathroom. I looked at Tito Rolly and said him "Tito okay lang ba?" nagpapaalam ako sa kanya ng magpa-fuck ako kay Noel. "Sure iha, boyfriend mo naman ng anak ko. Okay lang sa akin." I can't understand my feelings, parang I don't want na magalit sa akin or mag-tampo si Tito Rolly. Sinabi ko na, mas magaling siya compared kay Noel. That he knows what he is doing, particularly in satisfying me. Tito Rolly interrupted me, "bakit di ba magaling si Noel?" I answered back, "no Tito, Noel makes me squirt also but he is aggressive, gigil and not patient in pleasuring me, unlike you." Nakita ko ang smile sa face ni Tito Rolly, happy siya sa compliment ko sa kanya. He asked for my number and the address of my dormitory na malapit sa school. He will contact me raw so we can meet pag free a...

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June 27, 2018 (22 days ago)

Great story! Iba talaga ang Dads in pleasuring young girls..=)

carpe diem!

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June 27, 2018 (22 days ago)

Camille, iba kasi talaga ang galawang tito hahaha. Ganda ng adventure mo. Keep on writing, author.

Good job!

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June 27, 2018 (22 days ago)

Keep it coming, I know meron pa yan. :)

I'm a teacher, and everything else's second

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June 28, 2018 (21 days ago)

Yes malakas any dating ng story

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June 28, 2018 (21 days ago)

Really like it. I'd cast Barbie Imperial, JM De Guzman, and Albert Martinez if this were a movie

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June 29, 2018 (20 days ago)

Thanks a lot for the nice feedback.


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