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The Bad Girl: Chapter 2 The Prey

Submitted by on April 22, 2015 (7 months ago)
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The Bad Girl: Chapter 2 The PreyChapter 2

The Prey

“I knew I’d find you here,” said Van Wu, tapping his cousin on the shoulder and sitting beside him. “Still alone, huh? I just can’t believe you! This school is flooding with beautiful girls and yet, you ain’t got a girlfriend?!”

“C’mon, Van,” said Sherwin while removing Van’ arm around his shoulder. “Tell me, who would actually want to date a geek like me?”

“Man, we’re not cousins for nothing. You got the looks. Just get rid of those dorky specs of yours and switch to contact lenses. And a little change in wardrobe won’t hurt,” said Van shrugging his shoulders while opening his bag of Lay’s.

Although both grew up in Taiwan, Sherwin Zhu, tired of women running after him for his money, chose to study in one of the most prestigious schools in Thailand. At least here, he won’t have to worry about it since most of the students are as rich as he is or richer than him and he’s not Thai. But as for Van, he followed Sherwin for the very reason his cousin ran away from Taiwan: GIRLS.

Both guys are actually very good-looking if not only for Sherwin’s specs and choice of clothes. A little make-over and he can be as HOT as his cousin or even hotter!

Van continued to munch on his chips when he noticed a very pretty Chinese girl laughing and shaking her head. But what caught his attention was the girl she was...

Silip XI

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Hindi natapos ni rizza ang sasabihin dahil biglang may kumatok sa pintuan, kasunod noon ay bahagyang nabuksan ang pinto at sumilip ang kanilang daddy sa puwang ng pintuan at pinaalalahanan nito ang magkapatid na huwag masyadong magpuyat dahil puwede naman na kinabukasan nila ituloy ang kanilang ginagawa. Kapwa natigilan ang magkapatid, hindi agad sila nakasagot habang kinakausap sila ng kanilang daddy.

"Opo dad... Saka malapit na naman matapos ito" sagot ni mia

Muling isinara ni aries ang pintuan at nagtungo na sa silid nilang mag asawa. Pagkatapos noon ay natauhan si rizza, napag isip niya na hindi dapat malaman ng kanyang kapatid kung sino ang lalaki na kanyang tinutukoy. Isa kasing napakahalay at bawal na relasyon ang namagitan sa kanila ng kanyang daddy at dapat siguro ay manatili itong lihim.

"Ate!... Sino yung sinasabi mong lalaki?" Tanong ni mia

" Yung center ng basketball team natin sa school" pagsisinungaling ni rizza

"Ano? Ang pangit kaya nun... Bakit mo pinatulan yun.. Kahit malaki ang kanyang alaga ay hindi ko magagawang patulan yun ate" sagot ni mia

"Medyo lasing kasi ako nung time ba yun, kaya nga hindi niya naipasok sa akin ay natauhan ako nung matitigan ko ang mukha niya" pagsisinungaling uli ni rizza

"Hindi ko type yun ate, kay coach pa rin ako" sagot ni mia

" Ikaw naman ang mag kwento, sino yung naka sex mo na malaki ang alaga" tanong ni rizza

The Bad Girl: Chapter 1 FLIRT

Submitted by on April 21, 2015 (7 months ago)
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The Bad Girl: Chapter 1 FLIRTChapter 1


“Had I known that Assumption University would be such a bore, I wouldn’t have followed you here!” Chrissie complained. She looked at her friend, Reina, who is giving her one of her signature innocent smiles.

“Who told you to transfer to Thailand with me anyway?” Reina replied, raising an eyebrow at her impetuous friend.

“Come on! What would happen to The Reina and Chrissie Tandem if we’re miles apart?” Chrissie shot back.

Reina just rolled her eyes at her friend’s retort and laughed.

The “Terrible Two” strikes again and you would just love to hate them! Aside from being nasty and mean, these girls are loaded, intelligent (their only redeeming factor), and undeniably beautiful. Chrissie’s form and visage is classic: tall, voluptuous, chic short black hair, high cheek bones, angular nose, and sharp eyes. She looks like the younger version of her mother. The only difference is that Chrissie has her father’s eyes. Reina, on the other hand, looks oh-so-innocent with her petite frame, winged brows, expressive eyes, cute nose, and childlike lips.

At first glance, people would usually notice Chrissie but once their gazes fall on Reina they become enamored by her aura of innocence. But don’t be fooled by Reina’s looks because she uses her ingenuous beauty to bait a guy: hook, line, and sinker. They were well-known snob...

A Change of Pace

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There, in a rented room with a king-size bed and a dimly lit lampshade, one can see a silhouette of two bodies – a chubby, curvaceous woman on all fours, her face bent down on the soft mattress to suppress a loud wail of ecstasy as she is savagely rammed from behind by a tall, muscular man. Echoes of their moaning pervade in the room, in which the coolness of it is no match from the heat emanating from their bodies. The sweet-sour smell of their sweat increases both their libido making them fuck with all abandon.

A few moments later and a loud wail echoed in the room as the man twitched and wiggled his body while he embraces the woman from behind, trying not to get outbalanced. His cock, already spent, squirmed its way out of the woman’s cum-drenched pussy. He lay down beside her, both of them smiling, their sweat oozing from their bodies, tired but well spent.

A few minutes of silence later ensued. Until they heard someone clap from the darkened corner of the room.

Landau and his wife Tasha have been married for more than two decades now. In fact, they will be celebrating their Silver anniversary next month.

Both are career people; Landau, 55, works as a consultant in an accounting firm while his wife is an executive in a bank. Three of their children have their own families to raise while the youngest who also now works professionally went off his way and lives in a condo now so basically our house now is an empty ne...

Pagkamulat ni Junjun 7

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Biglang nagising si Junjun sa sandaliang pagkaka-idlip nang wisikan sya ni Jane ng tubig sa may mailiit na cottage sa tabi ng dagat.  
"Hoyyy... Sabi mo magpapahinga ka lang sandali, yun pala tinulugan mo pa kami at nakanganga ka pa nga dyan. Hihihi..." Kantiyaw ni Jane sa kanya.

"Ganun ba?" Buti na lang panaginip lang ang lahat, kala ko tuloy totoo na. Bulong ni Junjun sa sarili.

"At alam mo bang kaya kita ginising ay tigas na tigas yang ano mo. Masyadong iskandaloso, baka may makakitang iba agawan pa ako... Hmp!" 

Giit ni Jane na tila batang nag-aalala na baka agawan ng laruan. Sabay tingin naman ni Junjun sa kanyang harapan at tama nga si Jane, marahil sa sobrang intense ng panaginip nito tungkol kay Tita Gina nya at sa gwardyang si Omar.

"Una na muna ako sa cottage at may aayusin pa pala akong sinabi ni Tita." 
Kunwaring palusot ni Junjun para makabalik lang sa cottage at siguraduhing panaginip lang talaga ang lahat.

Habang pabalik sa cottage ay may nasalubong syang staff ng resort at tinanong dito kung may nagtatrabahong guard na Omar ang pangalan, lalung nagliwanag sa kanya ang lahat nang sinabing walang ganung nagtatrabaho sa resort nila. Lalung natuwa si Junjun sa narinig. At dali-dali na itong dumiretso sa cottage. 

Pagdating sa cottage hinanap muna nito ang mga kasama, wala sina Jeff at Ella. Inikot muna ang kabuuan ng cottage kung nandoon ang hinahanap na hot nyang Tita.



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The Bad Girl: FOREWORDSAuthor's notes: This was a collab with my best friend around a decade ago or so.


The Bitch. That’s what people call me. I really don’t mind. After all, it’s true. I do admit that I am not a good person. I don’t think I’ll ever be one.

I was born into a wealthy family and generally, like all the affluent species; we have our story behind the glitz and glamour of being rich and famous.

My father, Drei Yang, used to be a famous Taiwanese actor/heartthrob. Due to his connections, inside knowledge of how the industry works, and shrewdness, he now owns a flourishing media empire, Yang Conglomerate, in Taiwan. My mother, Jeri Stahl, a Norwegian national, is a former model who now manages her own resort in Phuket, Thailand.

My parents met at a photo shoot. They chatted and…FLIRTED. My father worked his way with the beauteous Scandinavian live doll who was immediately smitten with his boyish looks [think Vic Zhou]. They wined, dined, and bedded. Months later, I was expected.

The young Drei Yang was ecstatic to have a child. In retrospect, I think Dad just wanted a kid so that women would flock him more, showing off that they may be a potential mother for the heartthrob/playboy’s daughter. My mother, on the other hand, was horrified! Being with child will ruin her career so she planned to have me aborted. To stop my mother from getting...

Ganti Ni Mister Part 13

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Tanghali na magising ako sa katok ng bellboy ng hotel na tinuluyan kong hotel.

Boy: Sir kala ko may nangyari ng masama sainyo dyan sa loob,hnd kasi kayo sumasagot eh.
Ako: Ganon ba pasensya na pre.mag oout na ako.

Natawanalang yung boy dahil nakita nya na nakatapi lang ako.

Lumabas ako ng hotel ng lumilipad ang isip ko. ngayun lang nag sink-in lahat ng mga bagay na nangyari sa buhay ko, pangyayaring ginusto ko man o hindi pareho lang ang naging bunga problema.

Binuksan ko ang cellphone ko at agad kong nakita ang mga massage ng aking asawa na nagsusumamo na bumalik ako, ngunit mukhang hindi ko sya kayang harapin o makita manlang.

Gulong gulo talaga ang pagiisip ko nung mga panahon na yun tuloy tuloy lang ako sa paglalakad, paglalakad na hindi ko alam kung san papunta hanggang natagpuan ko nalang ang aking sarili sa tapat ng bahay ni sam.

Ako: Haaaaayy , si sam Haaayy"isang malalim na buntong hininga",Marahil sya nalang ang taong hindi ako sasaktan.

Kumatok ako sa pinto nila sam at agad nya itong bunuksan ng may pagtataka.

Sam: Oh hon, bakit ganyan ang itchura mo mukhang hindi kapa naghihilamos ahh. hihihi pa-kiss nga.
Agad nya akong hinalikan sa pisngi na naka pagpagising sa lutang kong isipan.
Ako: Ahhh ehhh... kwan... "sabay halik sa labi ko si sam".
Sam: Wag kanang magsalita, lika pasok ka.

Pumasok kami ni sam sa bahay nya.
Sam: Nagagahan ka naba?


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And she’s alone.

Rin Harper stared blankly at the people passing in front of her. She was seated at a park bench, clutching her books to her chest, unmindful of the chaos around her. Her mind drifted to a particular event that kept playing like a broken record.

“How could you do this to me?!” She started to compose an SMS to her boyfriend.

Rin wasn’t able to finish the message. She knows it’s a futile attempt to contact him. He has been out of reach for several days already and it is obvious that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore. She knows. She has been stupid. Believing all his lies, believing that he would come back, believing that he does not have someone else. She had been ignoring all her instincts for the past two years.

“He loves me,” she kept repeating to herself. This somehow made her believe he does. But at the back of her mind, she knows. He’s only using her. A convenience, that’s what she is.

And now, reality caught up with her. And, oh, how painful reality bites!

She found out he’s seeing another woman, that bastard! But, still, she gave him the benefit of the doubt. He told her he’s going out of town for the weekend and when he comes back, the will plan for their future.

Rin was torn between being elated and doubtful. She has been hearing a lot of things about her boyfriend but had no...

Sa Mundo ni Momi Nurse Ana (Chap. 15)

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Sa mga masugid na taga-subaybay sa kwento ng buhay n gating mahal na Momi Ana, salamat sa inyong paghihintay.

Sa mga bagong mambabasa, mangyari lamang po na basahin muna ang mga naunang parte ng kuwento dito:

Tulad ng aking nabanggit dati, hinahati ko na ang kuwento na naging hango sa “Tulungan Mo Naman Ako Anak” sa dalawang natatangi at orihinal na akda:

- Ang Mga Kwento ni Momi Nurse Ana kung saan ikinukwento ng ating bida ang kaniyang mga nakaraan at mga ibang ekspiriyensyang sekswal na natatangi sa kanya. Mahahanap ang mga bagong akda sat head na ito:

- Sa Mundo ni Momi Nurse Ana na siyang pagpapatuloy ng ating kuwento kasama ng mga iba pang karakter na nabigyang buhay na pinangugunahan nila:

1) Momi Nurse Ana - 38 years old na maybahay at kasalukuyang nagtratrabaho bilang isang clinic nurse sa isang construction company. Maputi at medyo chubby at may malulusog na dede. Hawig ni Beauty Gonzales nung chubby days niya na mas chubby pa ng konti and malaki boobs.

2) Junjun – 18 years old na anak ni Ana at ni Lando.

3) Lando – Asawa ni Ana na namamasukan bilang sales manager sa isang Koreanong si Mr. Lee.

4) Cathy – 23 years old na nakababatang kapatid ni Lando...

Natasha’s Sexcapades Part21-Naiibang 3some

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Eto ang unang sex adventure naming tatlo sa taong 2014, Kasama nila Natasha ang mallit nilang anak kaya medyo naiiba kesa sa mga nakaraan naming sexcapades.

Bumalik kami sa batangas kung saan kami nagcamping mga 4 hours from manila. Dumating kami sa beach bago mananghali. As usual dumaan muna kaming mamili ng supplies namin ng dalawang araw, kasi walang mabibilhan sa lugar.

Nagset up kami ng tent at nag chikahan, chillax sa ilailam ng puno habang nagkukuyakoy kami sa hamok. Tig-isa-isa kami ng hamok, tabi tabi ang pagkaka set-up nito. Magkatabi ang hamok namin ni Natasha at sa kabila naman ni Natasha ang asawa niya samantalang yong maliit nilang anak nila ay naglalaro sa buhanging katabi ng tatay niya.

Nang dumilim, nag latag ako ng ground sheet sa buhangin. Nasa likod ng tent ang table kung saan nakalagay ang mga food stuff namin.

Nagloloto ng dinner ang asawa ni Natasha. Kami naman ni Natasha ay nagkukwentohan habang nakaupo sa ground sheet kasama ang bulilit nilang anak. Muni-muni kami, nakatingala sa kalawakan at pinanonood ang dumidilim na dagat. Nakahiga naman ang bulilit nilang anak sa side ni Natasha at mukhang nakaidlip na.

Madilim sa lugar namin. Natatakpan ng tent ang liwanag at tulog na ang bulilkit nila kay umiral ang kalokohan ko.

Lumingon ako kung tanaw kami ng asawa ni Natasha at ng all clear, humiga ako, nakaupo pa rin si Natasha. Pagkahiga ko hinimas himas ko ang alaga ko sa ibabaw ng sh...

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