Regrets and Frustrations

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Date: Friday, 10 August 2018 (4 days ago)

I really have to stop,
If not I'll really pop.
These emotions that has been bottled up,
They can't wait to go out and they'll blowup.

I think I'm going crazy and dazed,
I really though I will never be fazed.
All those wishful thinking,
has got me sinking.

What have I done?
Was it a mistake of someone?
But there is no one to blame,
But me who is lame.

I made the wrong decision,
that has come to this conclusion.
I can never turn back time,
And undo this crime.

You are who you are,
You are free to reach the star.
I can't hold you back,
I shouldn't keep you off track.

I am but a fool,
Looking back in an empty pool.
So foolishly looking at another yard,
while my own has been charred.

I am so thoughtless,
I can believe that I have been boneless.
I have discarded the best I had,
I must have drunk something really bad. ...

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